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Last updated: November 18, 2019

I honestly was quite surprised by the topic in the movie. At first, it was hard to understand what sub-topics they were talking about just because they are trying to make it all dramatic with the sudden comments or facts, blackout transitions, and intense music. However, the content was surprising to me. I would think that the topic would be true for only in China.

I have heard that there is a law there where families can only have one child. However, I did not expect for all over the world to have a decline in population. In my opinion, I thought of it as the opposite.

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Seeing how things are more relaxed and not too many expectations or rules on marriage and families, I felt like the population was increasing. Accidental pregnancy occurs more often nowadays. For example, accidental pregnancies that occur from teens, random hookups or from cohabitating couples has occurred more often in our current society. Furthermore, I was not aware that the entire population of the world can fit into the state of Texas. That is truly surprising to me and definitely shows that the world’s population is drastically decreasing. There are many reasons as to why people are having fewer children.

One reason is that women are furthering their education and entering the workforce (Finnishreinforcement, 2011). Women who become more successful, instead of having children, will have higher opportunities in the workforce (Finnishreinforcement, 2011). The second reason would be that individuals are more self-focused. Individuals want to buy items for themselves (Finnishreinforcement, 2011).

In other words, people in this current society wants to live their lives as individuals (Finnishreinforcement, 2011). The third reason would be to invest. For example, in rich families, there are fewer children in the household because the parents want to invest in each child (Finnishreinforcement, 2011). To ensure that they have enough and to help with their future events and situations.

The fourth reason would be because of the acceptance in the use of birth control (Finnishreinforcement, 2011). The next reason as to why people are having fewer children is because of the change in the ideas of sex and marriage (Finnishreinforcement, 2011). For example, a cohabitating couple does not need to get married and have a family. Another example would be that it is okay to have sexual intercourse outside of a marriage. The next reason would be how men’s perspective on marriage and babies have changed over time (Finnishreinforcement, 2011).

As of now, men do not feel as if there are many rules or feel obligated to taking responsibility for their actions. If having an accidental pregnancy with someone, some men do not feel obligated to getting married or taking care of the child. This then decreases the chances of having another child. Divorce is also another reason as to why people are having fewer children (Finnishreinforcement, 2011). This stop people from having another baby with the same person they are having a divorce with (Finnishreinforcement, 2011). I believe that it would be extremely difficult to return to patriarchal society.

Reason being that many people do not like to revert back to old perspectives and values. There are various reasons as to why society is the way it is now. “A patriarchal society consists of a male-dominated power structure throughout organized society and in individual relationships” (Napikoski & Lewis, 2018).

This perspective of society would displease many individuals. Women’s value and worth in society have increased tremendously. In other words, if our society were to attempt revert to this, I would believe it would be extremely difficult and possibly bring chaos. Overall, I think society could make adjustments in trying to increase our population.

It truly depends on how society ideals and systems changes.


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