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Last updated: December 11, 2019

I guide to managing your asthma
What is Asthma
Asthma is a chronic lung disorder that causes airways in the lungs to swell and produce thick mucus which results in:
Difficulty breathing
Shortness of breath
Increased cough
Chest pain
Fast heartbeat
Notify your doctor if you have any
Symptoms of these symptoms.
Common Asthma Triggers
Pet Dander/Allergies
Smoking/Strong Smells
Managing your Asthma
Rescue inhalers treat symptoms
Control inhalers prevent symptoms
Medication in pill form
Breathing exercises
Peak flow meter to measure from your lung
Things to Remember
When using an inhaler follow your doctors’ instructions but remember to bring it to your mouth, close your lips around the mouth piece and inhale.

Rinse your mouth after using an inhaler
Call your doctor if white lesions develop in your mouth or on your tongue after using an inhaler. This could be a rare side effect known as thrush.

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Coping with your Asthma
Have an action plan
Keep inhalers on hand
Use a peak flow meter
Know what triggers you
Relaxation/breathing techniques
Visit your doctor
Stay calm
Doctor will check your nose, throat and upper airways
Listen to you breathe
Check your skin for allergic reactions
Ask about your symptoms


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