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Last updated: March 12, 2019

I first discovered this exceptional program through the Job Shadowing Day at Rowan Cabarrus Community College back in February. I knew then that this was the route I wanted to go for senior year. This experience was a eye-opener and reassured me as to my future goal, which is to be a nurse. I know that throughout this experience, it will help me learn new skills, which will help me succeed in life and develop as a person. Helping others in my passion. As long as I can make an impact on atleast one person’s life, I will know that I have succeeded. As stated above, the reason for my program entry is because I would like to pursue a career in nursing.

Ever since I was little, I have looked up to nurses as if they are heros. They constantly put others needs before their own, no matter the sacrifice. I want to be apart of something so big and impacting. After I obtain my CNA certificate, I plan to work towards getting my RN at RCCC. Over the years, I hope to be able to help many people physically and mentally. When I get to the point in life where I am able to quit working, I plan to travel and do missionary work, bringing different countries the healthcare they need. Throughout this program my goal is to not only graduate as a CNA, but to learn more and expand my knowledge in the healthcare industry while learning new skills.

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Learning is a continuous process that never stops or slows down. You can never learn too much in life. I hope to get a feel of the hospital environment throughout this program as that is where clinicals will be taking place, and that is the choice of my future job location.

I know throughout this program I will gain friendships as we are all a team in Nurse Aide. As many people know, it takes a special person to become a nurse, or work in the healthcare field in general. One must be compassionate, responsible, empathetic, and of course professional. I believe I exhibit all of these skills including a willingness to learn, team skills, communication skills, and adaptability which is all required to be a healthcare professional.

I have a very open and friendly personality, which makes it easy for me to get along with most people. I love to care for people and to make others happy. It is a passion of mine. I feel that throughout this program I will be able to exemplify these skills which will allow me to help others efficiently and effectively. My volunteer work throughout my community consists of teaching a children’s Awana class at Enochville Church of God named the Puggles. Seeing them every Wednesday is the highlight of my week. I also participate in the annual Service South Rowan which is where FFA gathers a group on a saturday and you go to a community member in need and do yard-work such as rake leaves, plant flowers, clean-up, etc.

Through the National Honors Society, we help and give back to our community by collecting items and donating them to a needed charity. For the last four years, I have volunteered two to three times each year at Operation Christmas Child to pack shoe boxes for the children in distant countries that are not as fortunate as us. I believe volunteer work is essential in making our community a better place. Throughout this remarkable program, I know that I will be set up for success and grow as a future health care worker. I will obtain and use some skills I already hold, and learn new ones that will be very beneficial to my career. My goal is to end this program with a CNA certificate.

Thank you for giving me a chance at an opportunity to make my mark on the world.


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