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Last updated: February 28, 2019

i believed that the solid foundation of a company is its people. People will work best if you believe that they are part of your team and organization. Involving employees in the decision-making process will help the company not only in the success of a organization, but also saves the company time and money, in increased productivity and reduced outsourcing. If we let our employees to participate and contribute in decision making process, it will boost their confidence, self initiative and be more responsible to work autonomously that will make a positive result. Employees will also develop personal and their skills and increase confident at work.I heard some feedback I got from other organization and it was incredibly possible and positive. All of their employees are excited.

why? because the management give them a opportunity to have/make their own projects and make their own opinions and ideas and the best group/project will be given an incentives and benefit. So all of them feel motivated and hardworking. It runs very smoothly and ends with positive result. So I suggest that this company need to value the ideas and opinions of their employees because they will be more likely to be motivated to contribute their new ideas.

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Each employee have the opportunity to voice their opinions and share their knowledge with others, with that, they will feel secure and know that their opinions are respected and valued.


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