Topic: Sciences

Last updated: April 17, 2019

I believe that every human being has come to the world in possession of extraordinary talents in many ways.

Unfortunately they can not evaluate it because of the education they have received and they are experts in the ‘fields’ they do not like.First point of my view, we need to be successful in certain courses in order to get a job in schools such as mathematics, history, geography and so on. I think that every human being should learn these basic sciences, I believe that this contributes to creativity because it enhances the point of view. However, we learn a lot of unnecessary information, like formulas. Instead of going out and exploring nature, instead of touching nature, we are learning geography from paper.Secondly, many teachers in school do not treat students as individuals, they do not give importance to students’ ideas. Some teachers only want to follow rules and they are constantly talking about respect.

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One of the places where the hierarchy is most visible is schools.Therefore; they can not even explain their ideas to defend their values. Many teachers talk about objection and change, but they do not even apply it in their own class. These conditions are of course killing free thought and ‘create’ individuals like robots.


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