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Last updated: April 19, 2019

I believe in people having fun and lots of adventures .

What I mean by that is people should experience different things and have fun with their lives. So my summer in Phoenix began when I went to go visit my sister and then she told me to stay with her for the summer. It was boring at first because she was working most of the time and she had really long hours so I was just at her house waiting for her and watching Netflix the whole time, I didn’t really know anyone there either so I couldn’t go anywhere.One day I went to my sisters work and I met her coworkers and they were super funny and chill. My favorite one was a girl named Jazz I started hanging out with her while my sister was at work.

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We would go to like Tempe and just find some stuff to do while my sister got out. One time we were all at my sisters house it was Jazz, Luis, my sister, and me we were really bored and wanted to do something it was like two in the morning and we decided to go to South Mountain and we went on a trail and it was super tiring but once we got to the top the view was super pretty so it was definitely worth it. I met even more people throughout my summer and did many more things but that was my favorite. I learned that we have to be patient and things may not be fun when you first try it so you just have to wait it out for it to start getting fun. I also learned that being adventurous is a good thing because you get to meet new people while you do it. This experience changed me because before I wouldn’t really do anything I would just be at home and I wouldn’t go like meet people or do stuff with people I didn’t really know.


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