Topic: BusinessStrategy

Last updated: January 26, 2019

I assessed my own effectiveness of communication based on informal feedback from fellow cadets at my squadron in conjunction with my leadership report.

I am able to communicate effectively and clearly to others which aids the completion of a specific task. By delegating responsibilities from the start, I am quickly able to create a common sense of purpose with all individuals of the team. This enables the team to run like clock work (a common phrase I mention in tasks). My communication skills also allow the team to respond to change when encountered, this enables us to alter our actions accordingly and maintain a common sense of purpose. An example of this was during a leadership exercise on ACLC where resources where taken off us.

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I regrouped the team and set out a new strategy. When a team member is struggling or is not performing to the standard needed, my communication skills benefit them and the team as I am able to effectively communicate with them and revaluate their set task and how they are needed. This enables them to develop a sense of purpose.


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