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Last updated: March 26, 2019

I am writing to apply for the position of a Prefect. I think I have the qualities required for a prefect, and am well suited to the fulfilling the role of a prefect, such as attending break and lunch duties, being a role model and helping at events throughout the course of the year. These are all things that I would definitely enjoy taking part in. Twynham has given me countless support and opportunities since the very first day of Year 7, and I feel that I have benefited hugely. So now I want to contribute back by being a Prefect – having more responsibility in the school and being a role model to younger students. This position is a vital part of the school system and the community and I feel that I am ready to take on this responsibility.
First of all, I am a very hardworking, mature and responsible person which is reflected in my ATL’s and schoolwork. This means that I will be a great role model for younger students who have just started their Twynham experience. Setting a good example for younger students is a key part of being a prefect and one that I can easily achieve.
I am currently working on my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). This project develops your decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, initiative and critical thinking. These are all skills that are essential for a good prefect, and I feel that I have developed these tremendously over the course of the project. During EPQ I have had to talk to multiple people about my chosen topic, including multiple interviews. This has advanced and strengthened my communication skills which are crucial for a prefect when helping out at Consultation Evening and interviewing future prefects.


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