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Last updated: January 28, 2020

I am talking about in this essay examples of shirts that I own and have some impact to my life so this essay is about my best tree shirt that I have and wear so I like it very march when I wear them I feel happy and it impact my life.
Khamis is one of the best of my cloths, specially it is that shirts I love wearing it but I don’t wear all the time but I wear special time which is Jumca (Friday) when I wear emotionally and spiritually.
I feel very good and the people think that you are good person because this is cultural and religious shirt the best people of our society wear this shirt special days like holydays.
The leader and Imams wear this type of cloth. It is taller then other shirts I like blue color and I like that color because it the best color except white color. Khamis is the cloth of prophets, and Muslims scholars.
So, wearing this type of cloth is also keeping the culture and not leaving the culture, I very proud that I have right to wear any cloth that I want like traditional and religious cloths in America.
When I am wearing I feel very excited by my self and the people around feel too and they respect me by wearing this cloth. I have shirt to remember my back in home, because my relative send to me so I must keep it, and having or wear any time this shirt was normal in Africa.
I have white shirt that I also like it so white cloth are very good according to Muslims prophet Mohamed peace and mercy be up on him use to wear white cloths and like white cloths so every Muslim has one wear cloth or more. When I wear my white shirt, it attracts people’s eyes and white cloths are very beautiful, when I wear my white shirt I remember back in Africa we use to wear white uniforms for school Muslims wear white cloth holydays also in Haj(pilgrimage), I feel happy when I wear my white shirt, it is demonstrate that you are clean person or dirty person because if I wear another color the person may not fell the dirtiness or cleanness but if I wear white color every body immediately sees how clean and dirty it is.
The most blessing cloth according to Muslims is the with cloths also white is the symbol of the peace.
My sleeping shirt is of my special cloth I like it I wear sleeping time only there are some writing that saying it is time to sleep, so when I wear this T-shirt my brothers and sisters understand that I am sleeping right away, they stop talking if my family and friends sees they know I am lazy. This t-shirt is too soft I sleep well the night I wear my T-shirt, I get early because I were sleeping the night before that morning very nice. The night I did not wear this t-shirt I did not fell excited I feel unhappy and not sleep very nice. In Africa you don’t need to choose the cloth that you like because you just have a two shirts or less so I had not have sleeping shirt in Africa because I have to keep it keep then to stay long other ways they became old soon and you don’t need that happen to.
This was not for sleeping but I made it for sleeping because the problem is the color it is pink so in American pink color is for women only but you can wear any cloth that you want regardless of the color but the only distention is design like pants and shirts are for men scarf for women.
These three shirts is the best of my cloth and they about me some that everybody can understand easily.


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