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Last updated: February 3, 2019

I am Irakoze providence, I have finished my high school in Gashora Girls Academy and received the High school Diploma. In high school I have majored in the natural sciences. During the course of my studies I have took the most advanced courses in biology, chemistry and physics available in school in order to challenge myself and make sure that I will be well prepared for University. Even though sometimes it was hard to follow this combination of courses, due to really hard workload, I have given my best to obtain good grades thanks to my passion, commitment and hard work. Shiny devices with flashy lights ruled over science-fiction fantasies throughout the years of my childhood.

Later, these devices left me in amazement as I slowly came to understand the physics behind creating the devices and the impact electronics plays in our life. On the other hand, I always admired and respected doctors as they practiced a close to divine profession. Over time, when electronics greeted medicine, the healthcare industry was accelerated to perform tremendous feats. Inventions like bionic arms, prosthetic eye, CT, and others have had me stupefied.

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It is my dream to be part of a team that will pioneer in rehabilitation engineering. Ever since I had discovered my passion in biomedical engineering, I wanted to increase my skills into helping physically challenged or differently abled people by creating assist devices for them.


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