I am grateful to the Sharda group chairperson, Shri P.K. Gupta for the offer of 50% on tuition fees I had received through the President, International Admission Office Shri Mr. Ashok Daryani. This has exemplified the popular slogan of the Sharda University that reads as follows, ‘The World is here’! –The world is Sharda because of the high number of national and foreign students studying here and the favorable atmosphere, which is conducive for seeking education and research experiences as well.

My friends are kind to me to have remembered and put me in their prayers to associate all positive things surrounding my PhD work. I appreciated your support and thanked you for the same.

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My special and hearful thanks to my elder sister Aisha Hamisu, sister Ummu-Salama Hamisu brothers Mubarak Hamisu, Abba Hamisu, Sadi Hamisu, and Ashiru Hamisu, my

I expressed my deep gratitude to my beloved parents Alhaji Hamisu Mijinyawa and Hajia Fatima Hamisu for their constant prayers and moral support in particular. I especially thanked my Father for being able to take the responsibility of my Ph.D. course. I wish them extra good health, joy, and a successful life both here and there-after.


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