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Last updated: April 15, 2019

I am a Zayed university’s student, from Communication and Media Sciences College majoring in Integrated Strategic Communication. and I am doing my internship in Erada Center for Treatment and Rehab. I have applied in three places for an internship, but no one of these places answered.

Subsequently, Erada Center for Treatment and Rehab’s HR officer sent an email to the internship organizer “Noura Almazimi” in my college. The message was included “Erada Center want interns from our university especially from communication college”. I changed the choices and I added Erada as the first choice for internship and I got the chance to do my internship at public relation department. Before I applied I ask my friend if she want to applied with me but she was afraid from addict people, I ignore her thought and I just told her they are human that need help from us. I chose this place because it offers a humanitarian service and tries to develop society by fighting all kinds of addiction within the UAE society by media and communication .However, my first impression to the people was good they greeted and welcomed me.

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In the same day my supervisor took me up on a tour around the Erada Center and he explained everything and every department in the Erada Center, he was very helpful and friendly man. For the first week I was confuse about my tasks they were not that clear, my supervisor was very busy because he working under two departments “security and public relation” so I went to the girl who worked with my supervisor and I asked her to share the work with me. Therfore, I start working with her and take my tasks from her when my supervisor is away or not at office. On the other hand, the employees were very friendly and funny in the same time, I spend a lot of time with them, talking to them, share information, and had lunch together, this make me feel better. My working experience was exciting I came every day on time and leave on time it was a good experience because I took the internship seriously. However, what was disappointed me at the first that I don’t have work to express myself to them, also I want to know what I’m strong in and what type of work suits me. So, every day I was asked my supervisor what will I do for today? Do you have anything I can help with? I try to put myself in the work. Hence, I found myself I like designing by a different type of design program.

So I think internship can help me finding myself from different aspects. I learned how to use “Illustrator” it is design software I learned on it how to draw, design posters, snapchat filter, and so on. In addition, I learn how to contact with other organization in a formal way. And sometimes my colleague gave me the work and leave me, when I asked her for help, she told me do what you want then I will be fixed it, I do this to take a change to learn. And for the public relation my supervisor was know a lot of people outside work, sometimes he took me with him outside meeting to see how relations are creating between two organizations. Zayed university’s materials were very useful. Most of my work was designing, because when I was in university I took many courses about design and software such as Photoshop, InDesign, and WordPress.

Zayed Lab 1 and Zayed Lab 2 were very useful for me and I work from what I learned from these courses. Also, some elective courses I have taken was very useful such as “business communications” this course was from business college it was about work and how to communicate, how to write e-mails, and how to be formal at the work. The second elective it helps me was from communication college it was “photojournalist” I found this course useful because I was the one who covered the events by taking photos and writing a caption for the images. Moreover, Math110 was also very useful it was about XL, most of my time I was working on XL . In addition, being a media student enhance the power of your personality and this feature makes me more courage during my internship.During my internship felt the moments of pride myself, one moments when I have finished any work I was asked to do from my supervisor, and I felt proud when my supervisor likes my work and comments on me in a good way and appreciate my work, regardless of the hardness or easiest work it is. Furthermore, I felt proud of myself when I reached the office early every day and no one came before me, and helping other colleagues when they need. My colleagues were wonder about me because I was taking this internship seriously, because I want to show them I’m a good intern from excellent university.

But the less proud moment when I got nothing to do. Me as intern they cannot give me major responsibilities because it is new things for me. But my supervisor tried to involved me in each meeting and I think this helps me a lot. Also, my colleague taught me a lot of thing about designing, so I was helping her in designing all the time. Designing was my big responsibility and the most important aspect of my job.

When there is an event I was creating and designing posters, cards and asked me for ideas this was like an evidence of trusting on me. Also, what make me know if they trust me, my supervisor let me call some companies and organize meeting between them. And they also saw me as an energetic person in the morning.The most valuable task was designed for each department. Each department has different requests, for example, medical department was always asked us to create an educational brochure, posters, and medical role sheets. And for marketing, they always request announcement posters and cards or snapchat filters. also, my colleague and I were working on a magazine which requires a lot of design.

The least valuable task was a photoshoot and writing caption for a post on Instagram, because Erada center was not that much active in social media, so I was not doing this all the time maybe once between two weeks. A ndfor the photoshoot, every time I took photos they just kept it they did not use it because they need permission from CEO and this can take time. My main goal is basically to learn and gain more experience from the internship. especially I have never had a working experience before. In addition, my goal is to learn about the work environment and how to perform my education in the real world. So, I think that just getting a degree would not help any graduate in improving themselves. However, I prefer a place I can apply my experience and improve myself in more than an easy job and I would love to find a job that is related to my major education which is Integrated Strategic Communication or a Public Relations. even though, when they asked me on the first day which department you want work in marketing or public relation, immediately I said the public relation department.

Fortunately, I did not face any struggle with anybody at the whole internship period. I did not involve myself in any sensitive situations. Moreover, my colleague workers were very friendly and have soft skill in work. My goal was to appear in a good image in front of the workers because I’m student form excellent university in this country. I don’t want anyone to say bad things about my university.

So, all the time I was smiling and treat people well. Furthermore, I did not get any criticism, I avoided anything that will put me in a critical situation.Transitioning from a student to an employee was not hard for me, because I learned fast about work and I get used to changes fast. I think I’m a very flexible person and I can be adept at different conditions. However, what was difficult for me is the long working hours. At the first week, I was exhausting, then I get used quickly.I did not get the chance to work on big projects and activities.

However, during things time I learned a lot of things. Such as time management, and I learned to be a professional and formal in everything, in the way I talked, the way I dressed and the way you I worked. Also, I learn the team is everything, Erada center thought about the team: Together Everyone Achieves More”The six internship objectives in my case are 1,3 and 4. I engaged with colleagues, supervisors, and others to create my professional network, and I was asked them about what they studied and what training they took. Also, I created a schedule for working with date, time and I always asked my supervisor about work plan to organize my time to be more productive.

Eventually, I used professional etiquette and ethics towards workers, as I focused on my manners and work ethics and I treated everybody equally, I have to present Zayed university in a good way. Summing-up, the internship is very important for a student to decide where the intern would like to work and which type of work suit his personality. However, in the end, it is a learning experience and a student should enjoy it even if gets difficult at times.


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