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Last updated: March 12, 2019

I: To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidanceSelf: My goal is to create a warm, positive, supportive relationship with children. I observed that positive, supportive environment would build confidence in children when my son was in pre k, I did volunteer work in his class, and I perceive that building warm, supportive, and positive relationship with children is important to build a positive self-concept, self-respect, and confidence in the children. I enjoy creating a family tree with children.

I will create an environment that children sense their self-respect is valued and I will create space for each child in class like label their name on cubbies and photos, their works displayed at their eye level. According to children’s need, I will provide developmentally appropriate materials, and ensure that modified as needed, also special needs. I will show sensitivity towards children’s concerns and feelings. Also, I will express kindness and support for children when they’re having trouble.

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I will encourage children’s to improve self-help, self-regulation skills and I will use books, resources, strategies, and curriculum that explain children to believe in themselves is important to succeed in the future.Social: My goal is to create a social environment that motivates children to come together and communicate with buddies. I will encourage the social development of children, and I believe that group activities support children’s social skills. I love to create art activity for children to cooperate with friends. I will commit to school and families to create an environment that will improve children’s social skills.

To achieve this goal, I will plan a curriculum that supports children to interact and communicate with friends, like group play, center activity, cultural group, art, games, small group and a large group that they can enjoy mutual hobbies. I will use resources, stories, and books that support children’s social development, and I will ensure that children understand each others feeling and they respect their friend’s emotions. I will encourage them to develop pro-social skills such as helping, sharing. According to Lev Vygotsky theory, social interaction play develops cognition in the children, and I agree with his theory.

Guidance: My goal is to create an environment that will encourage positive behavior to the children and family. I believe that well-organized environment that will support children’s undisciplined behavior to manage. I like to create positive guidance rules with children for the classroom that will be more effective and powerful interactions for them. I will encourage children’s to keep self-regulation and kind behavior with their friends, and I will create group play that will develop pro-social skills in the children. I will commit to school and families to that I will create an environment that will support to resolve the problem with the challenging behavior of the children.

I will use techniques like self-control, speaking softly and privately that will help to handle negative behaviors in the children. I will provide materials that will help children to release negative feelings


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