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Last updated: April 27, 2019

I. Introduction:Disneyland is part of Disneyworld complex – the worlds on top multiservice corporation founded by Walter Elias Disney (1901-1966). Disneyland is the fairytale world becomes reality. That is really the paradise of childhood. From traveling to space, exploring the future or returning to the past; from adventures on the Amazon or adventure in the jungle of Africa ..

. You can “go” anywhere in the world. There are lots of game, individual or collective as you like or gentle, mysterious, tough or strong as you want.

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Disneyland has changed the traditional thinking of summer vacations, opening the family park era – the birth of the entertainment industry. To be successful today, Walt Disney has a perfect business strategy, which is the Disney business culture.II. Disney’s culture:It must also make a profit, it also faces big business problems, it also needs to beat its competitors, and Disney’s biggest rival is its reputationCITATION Coc l 1033 (Cockerell) . Therefore, the way Disney handles the problem is applying meticulous and perfectionist attitudes to everything even the smallest throughout the company. One of the elements is Disney’s culture such as:Employee selection rules: The standard is set as single, white, male and female in their twenties, with average height and weight, good health shown by having sports practice, etc. Besides, the company still accept people of different races, they are different in color, but they are still copies of the standard model Disneylander.Employee attitude: any company around the world wants its employees to behave and keep a good attitude when it comes to work, especially when it comes to publicity.

Disney too, this rule is strictly adhered to. They do not even have a frown or a bad posture. Employees are not allowed to use their cell phones, walk away with tired status or eat snacks while in work time.

Staff is always enthusiastic, fun and eagerly welcome customers. Do not use rude words, or personality is not sincere.In the field of entertainment services as well as in the training of employees, Walt Disney always uses the famous saying of the founder of the group: “Laughter is not the enemy.” Disney always knows how to integrate humor into the entertainment industry wisely. Employee does not have to be happy, but they need to act as if they were happy for eight hours in work a day.

The sales, marketing, sales staff are always trained that “there cannot be a bad day” when dealing with customers. In other words, “only happy days” when dealing with customers. Every employee contributes to building better Disneyland, they have the belief that it is the happiest place on earth. This place is no longer called a customer but as a guest. The rules are not a police officer but a security guard, and where there are no accidents but only an incident.

Pay attention to the smallest details. This concern applies to big problems, for example, the yellow grass in the park.No one is so important that they themselves cannot replace the trash.

Disney builds and develops a corporate culture in which no one can bring in the mentality of “eating on the sofa,” regardless of where he or she holds the position.Thanks to the maintenance of corporate culture. Disneyland is growing stronger and more successful. Success was difficult, maintaining success is more difficult. The enthusiasm and endless effort of the whole team have made Disneyland as famous today.III.

The way Disneyland operates so that employees follow the requirements they set.Disney is extremely strict with the expectations and requirements of each employee’s job during their apprenticeship or is guided to integrate into the company. Therefore, the rules and the values for employees to approach and follow are the start.

This is a professional work environment, not only strict requirements but also external factors such as:Extreme supervision: Managers not only help them learn apparently, but also supervise their offenses such as not wearing the correct uniform (not the right shoes, lack of a piece of clothing, the wrong cap, etc.), each Action to gesture is standard, no disrespectful words and lazy. For example, many technical staff evade the task of hiding in the bushes to rest.

This will be punished and many heavy violations may be fired.Customers: They are hourly contact with the staff, the facial expression of the employee also affects the emotions of their, such as you do not laugh or looking your face weary. They will ask “Have a bad day?” or “What’s wrong with you”. Conversely, when you laugh with a person, everyone around you will laugh at you. Therefore, you must always keep good attitude.

The above-mentioned things work very well, which makes the staff always obey the law and do their duty well. But, a factor contributing greatly to the employee’s performance. It is “empowerment” for employees.

At Disney, the staff is the one who directly brings the experience to the customer. In the Disney employee training document, “Every customer interaction with a Disney employee is a real experience. If they were in Disneyland, they interacted with 50 employees meaning that they had 50 seconds of Disneyland experience. If 49 seconds of experience are good, but have a bad second, you know what customers will remember about Disney? Every employee is important in the giant operating apparatus. Just a faulty “detail” will make the whole experience of the customer destroyed.

Like Disneyland, in every business employee is the person in direct contact with the customer. Businesses must “empower” employees to build relationships, create connections with customers.Disney always fosters a creative culture and empowers all employees in the company so they can make a breakthrough. For instance, Ride operators can increase their vacation time by taking turns. From employee to employee, depending on the number of employees that day.Everyone in Disney can be flexible enough to overcome the limitations of sclerosis. The subordinate parts of the company can be customized according to the actual situation, adjusting the appropriate policies to create the most appropriate working style and culture. For example, Supervisors may change the law accordingly, such as a lighter observation, or give the employee more time to break while in some cases of problematic operation such as breakdowns, accident, etc.

Besides, Employees are divided into areas that are clear and ranked according to order of level, marital status (single or married), behavior and response to customers through the process of work. Every employee wants to compete for a higher position, to gain more respect. One of the ways to help them work more effectively.IV. Commitment of employees to the company:Once the culture has been formed, the actual activities of the organization play a role of maintaining the culture through the introduction of similar experiences for the workers. For example, there are many measures related to human resources in the organization that reinforce the culture. The selection process, performance evaluation criteria, reward measures, training and career development, and promotion procedures ensure that people who are employed In line with the culture of the organization, the organization will reward those who support the culture of the organization and punish (even dismiss) those who challenge it.

New Disneyland employees have the first two full days of work to watch movies and listen to how Disneyland expects and expects the perception and thought of employees in the organization. Discussing integration, it is important to note that the most critical phase of integration is the length of time that an employee commences a company. This is the time when the organization needs to make a great effort to shape new people into established members of the organization.

Therefore, when the employee has understood, accepted and started to apply. This is the time commitment to the company takes effect. For instance, Employees are divided into areas that are clear and ranked according to order of level, marital status (single or married), behavior and response to customers through the process of work. Employees stand together to stand tall. One of the ways to help them work more effectively.


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