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Last updated: February 19, 2020

I. Background Weight Watchers intends to be the main weight reduction specialist organization by helping people to get thinner and support a sound way of life.

Their items and administrations are focusing on people, in a global scale, that have an objective of enhancing their life through solid living.II. Statement of the Problem Weight Watchers is confronting the issue of expanded rivalry and cost worries with an extensive larger part of the populace affected in some mold by the monetary downturn.

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Likewise they need to defeat the disgrace of being seen as the earlier age’s response to weight reduction. The organization is battling with the need to reposition the organization to make a forward-centered eating regimen program for the following century while remaining consistent with their main goal. There is an expanded measure of rivalry and a monetary downturn that affects the normal shopper’s capacity to buy trivial projects and items. These issues have constrained the Weight Watchers Company to re-examine their program to position themselves for an effective future.III.

Analysis The technique of Weight Watchers is to reposition and rehash themselves for item advancement in the US and abroad. Utilizing SWOT Analysis, the accompanying points of interest were thought about:Strengths? For Marketingo Strong Brand — viewed as credible and effectiveo Consumer Reports — best staying power and proof of long-term success through clinical trials? For Financeo Company’s low variable expenseso Low Capital expenditure requirements? For Operationso Lean organizational structure o Flexible business model? For Human Resourceso Part-time staff paid on commissiono Using staff that have lost weight through the Weight Watchers program? For Informationo – leading internet-based weight management programo Weight Watchers E-Tools supported its mission to help support people to lose weight? For Research ; Developmento Awareness of their rivalso Opportunities for new markets (e.g. men, new countries, etc.)Weaknesses? For Marketingo Misperceptions about what Weight Watchers waso Differentiate themselves from fad diets? For Financeo Economic downturn — less $ to be spent on non-essentialso Inflexibility in program? For Operationso Being able to address members that did not speak Englisho Need to evolve operations to meet new and changing customer needs? For Human Resourceso Difficult to recruit instructors if the requirements to become instructors are so rigido Leadership that could evolve with an ever-changing environment? For Informationo Lack of consumer knowledge about web-based serviceso Evolve online tools and resources to better serve consumers that are unable or uninterested in attending meetings? For Research ; Developmento Need to better understand potential consumers — men, Spanish speaking consumers, young adults, etc. o Develop tools and programs to keep fresh programs that will attract a variety of consumersOpportunities? Men? Spanish-speaking Consumers? Young AdultsThreats? Competitors like Jenny Craig? Fad Diets? Pharmaceutical optionsIV.

Decisions – Formulation The best option for Weight Watchers is to cooperate with an extensive national wellness focus tie to position them as a full answer for meet the objective of weight reduction achievement. By banding together with a national wellness focus chain, Weight Watchers will be effective in expanding income, expanding piece of the overall industry, and holding current purchasers. This association tends to their shortcomings as separating themselves from craze consumes less calories (critical blend of activity and practicing good eating habits). This permits Weight Watchers to advance their activities to meet another and changing shopper need and offer an invigorated programming that will bring about expanded individuals and income. This option plays into their methodology of their image and adequacy. With the correct organization they can keep up their low factor costs and low capital necessities. The program keeps on giving an adaptable activity and separates them promote from their adversaries and opens them to new open doors in the market.V.

Actions – Implementation It is recommended that Weight Watchers should collaborate with a contender to recognize how they can cooperate to expand incomes to additionally separate themselves as a weight reduction arrangement. On the off chance that Weight Watchers were to collaborate with a gathering like Jenny Craig, they could recognize a supper supplanting program that furnished purchasers with a careless answer for achieve their weight reduction objectives. Weight Watchers ought to likewise join forces with a national wellness focus bind to demonstrate the significance in organization between both wellness and dietary patterns to accomplish weight reduction. Offer the open door for individuals to pay one charge that permits them the participation advantages of both Weight Watchers and the wellness focus.

Likewise, Weight Watchers should collaborate with a portion of the biggest medical coverage intends to build up a particular program through Weight Watchers to be offered to individuals. Weight Watchers has the chance to expand incomes that might be paid by the medical coverage organizations consequently the individuals weight reduction ought to give a ROI to the medical coverage organization through diminished health care coverage costs.


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