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Last updated: April 13, 2019

I. Introduction: Thesis statement: Violent video games have been viewed as the reason for the mass aggression and negative behavior in young children due to the intense graphics , violent content and lack of censorship, on the other hand it is viewed as stress relievers and a method to reduce anxiety.II.

Violent video games carry a lot of negative psychological effects A. It causes violent behavior.1) Playing a lot of violent video games may cause the user to be more aggressive and may tend to bully or fight other people. People who play violent games had a more hostile personality and believed violence to be a more common and behaved more aggressively in their lives.2) There was a study in the journal of the American Medical Association in 2014 that found a casual link between playing violent video games and long term aggressive behavior.

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Other studies also showed that people who tend to play M-rated games were likely to cyberbully other users , get into physical fights, be hostile , argue with teachers and express aggression towards their colleagues throughout the school year.B. Children are imitating the behaviors of the violent characters in video games1) By playing as the violent characters in video games, children tend to mimic the behaviors of these characters and have a difficulty differentiating between reality from the fantasy and may result in copying the actions they see in video games without understanding the consequences of these actions.2) Jane Katch an expert in Child Development and Early Childhood Education, said in an interview with Education week “I found that young children often have difficulty separating fantasy from reality when they are playing and can temporarily believe are the character they are pretending to be.”III.

Video have a negative social effects on its usersA. There is a negative relationship between violent video games and social activities 1) Playing violent video games excessively consumes a great deal of time that it distracts the player from participating in real life events or participate in any social activity and the exposure to violent video games decreases the possibility that the player will engage in an activity that helps another person.2) In the study by the APA, children that started playing violent games transformed to see the world in a more aggressive way, and became more verbally and physically aggressive later in the school year and were likely to be isolated from others in the society.B.

The exposure to a lot of violent video games lower empathy and decrease kindess1) high exposure to violent video games lower moral reasoning skills of the players and increase their aggressive thoughts and behaviors which often leads to decrease the empathic feelings and prosocial behavior,2)


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