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Last updated: February 18, 2019

HungChing WangMs.

MaxwellEnglish 12CP18 September 2018Self-AssessmentGoals and Values1. Yes. I have a main goal which is to go to a college where I can study in the medical field. I want to go to one of the campuses in the “UC” system.

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My dream is to become a pharmacist in the future. 2. The values that are the most important to me are confidence, optimism, and diligence. I always care about others’ thoughts about me, so I should be more confident about myself. 3. I would like to become an optimistic person because I can influence people by giving them some positive attitudes and thoughts. I would like to keep my optimistic way of thinking about things.

4. The experience that has shaped my growth and way of thinking is that last year I moved to America to study. It makes me a more independent person because this is a brand new place for me. Although I have been to America several times since I was little, I have never studied in America as a student. Education5. I am interested in science.

So, I want to be a pharmacist in the future. Chemistry has been the most satisfying course to me since I am good at science. I also like to do experiments. 6. The teaching method that engages my interest the most is that sometimes the teacher has interactions with the students. Sometimes, we will have group and individual works.

The method that engages me the least is that the teacher stands in front of the class and just giving lectures. 7. Honestly, I don’t like to read or discuss and exchange ideas, but I like to listen to others’ ideas. I don’t have any exciting intellectual experience in recent years.

8. I feel confident in the area of Math and science, but I struggle in History and Literature. 9. There are no outside distractions that have interested with my academic performance.

Activities and Interests10. I enjoy swimming and playing the piano outside the routine of school the most. They both have meant the most to me because I have both learned to swim and to play the piano since I was 7 years old. My teachers were very patient to teach me.

11. Both swimming and playing the piano show commitment and competence because I spend a lot of time practicing them. So, that’s why today I can swim and play the piano well.12. I watch YouTube for fun and relaxation because it makes me feel happy and relaxed.

13. 14. Yes. I have some heroines in my life. First, my mom is one of my heroines. She always cares about me and helps me solve problems that I have.

My swimming coach and piano teachers are also my heroines. They have significant impact on my life. They teach me patiently. 15. Yes. I have read a book called A Girl Named Hellen Keller when I was little. This book is about a girl named Heller Keller who is a real person in the world and is deaf and blind due to a serious illness.

She works very hard to overcome her disabilities. Finally, she communicates with others successfully. So, it influences me by telling me that if I work hard, I can also be successful.Personality and Relationships with Others16. I am a quiet person, but I can also be outgoing with someone I know a lot, such as my friends. I would use quiet, considerate and hard-working to describe myself.

17. I think I am competitive in 18. Someone who knows me well would probably describe me as a friendly person. My best qualities are considerate and hard-working. My shortcomings are quiet, or shy.

19. I am always not confident about what decisions I want to make. Since I always hesitate when making choices and decisions, I like to ask my mom or my best friends about her ideas.

I value their counsel because I trust them. I think they will give me the best advice.


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