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Last updated: April 3, 2019

Humanized Robots

Q1.How successful do you think helen bower’s new plan will be ?

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Helen Bower was a young lady who had a very different way of running the
business as compared to her father from whom she inherited it. She was a very
business oriented woman. She knew where she wanted her company to be in the next
few years. She knew her competitors and was aware of the market conditions.

The problems that came along with the way she handled business was workers not
being satisfied or involved in the process. She treated them like hired help or
rather as machines, who were paid to work for her. She paid them average wages
and expected them to work to their full capacity and produce as much as they
could. She didn’t think of herself as a leader but as a boss. She was interested
in the profit and not sharing the profit among the workers who made her earn
that profit.

This sort of behaviour led to marginal changes in production and the growth of
the corporation. To understand the reason as to why the company wasn’t growing
enough she hired a consultant. He carefully researched the organization and
recommended to go back to his fathers way of supervision which she thought was
‘humanistic nonsense’.

She took steps that she thought were the best for the company from her point of
view and announced a 10 percent cut for those who failed to increase their
productivity. She did not realise that this would worsen the condition. Workers
might start a protest or even worse quit.

Worker satisfaction should be the utmost priority of any company or firm.

Q2.What challenges does helen confront?

Helen was a very straight forward person. She knew what she was doing and knew
what steps would help her company grow. She never treated the people working for
her as humans. Since she was paying them the average wage she thought she was
doing more than enough for them. But she had to realise that at the end of the
day they also had some desires to fulfil and a family back home. They needed to
be paid more than average and treated more than as merely machines.

Her behaviour towards workers led to problems. She had to face challenges like
keeping them motivated to work, reach the target, retain in the competitive

Q3. If you were helen’s consultant, what would you advice her to do?

If I was Helen’s consultant I would have advised her to change the way she
approaches her target. She has to not only focus on the global market but also
the work that’s being conducted in her business. She needs to built a more
systematic way of functioning in which workers also have a say. They need to be
heard and given a choice to voice their opinion. It should be like how the
government works- Democratically. Being like Hitler would only help you keep
power in your hands but not earn respect from people.

As a consultant I would also advise her to be like her father just as the
consultant in the case study does. Maybe that path would lead to a slow growth
of the company but it will be an everlasting growth. A growth with very strong

Also being a businesswoman and always thinking about workers well being would
also lead to too much pampering of the workers. They should be handled with a
lot of attention. They need to be focused on the targets and help you reach the
productivity with low cost. They should be understanding enough.


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