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Last updated: October 1, 2019

Human resource plays a awfully necessary role in promoting productivity of a corporation.Human factors occupied highest rate in preventative productivity it has been expressed that among factors of production, creature is that the foremost important resources inside the organization as a result of it’s immense creative potentialities and capabilities.Men, materials, money and machine unit thought of the four necessary problems with production creature represent heaps of outstanding role in organization in any respect levels and unit thought of only dynamic issue of production. this can be the sole active issue among the issue of production it’s the human efforts that flip organization objectives into reality. tho’ the mechanism of factories replaced the person power demand, the importance of the hands not nonexistent nonetheless.absence is one among the key evils Janus-faced by the Indian business.

tho’ this can be worldwide in nature, however its level varies from country to country and business. However, the incidence of this drawback is high in Sri. Venkatesh Hero Motocorp, Kalaburagi. Employee’s group action at work place throughout the listed time is very essential for the sleek running of the assembly method is exacting and therefore the organization in broad.

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though the importance of their presence staff generally disappoint to report at the work place throughout the schedule time, that is recognized as ‘ABSENTEEISM”.


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