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Last updated: April 27, 2019

Human resource management is not a one thing it is a process with several steps so it can be defined as process of procuring, developing and retaining human resource in the organization so with this goals and objectives of the organization can be achieved in an efficient and effective way. In briefly human resource management is an art of controlling and managing human being in the organization in such a way to get their maximum to the organization to achieve its goals and objectives (Ekene, 2015). Human resource is the most valuable asset for any organization. Human give their best when they are motivated and trained this is essential to achieve organizational objectives. People are different one another so their different personalities, cultures, trainings, and other diversities gain prosperity and continue progress to the organization. Communication is the live blood of any organization which connects all human being together without effective communication any organization cannot survive in the dynamic business world. (1149-4200-2-PB)Effective communication always plays a very unique and important part in human resource management. It makes positive environment for decision making by providing all information without any lagging and communication links all employees in organization together in order to accomplish present and future desires of the organization.

Communication, especially the use of computers, organization can achieve efficient and error less human resources inventory, accurate forecast, auditing and planning. Thus, managers can identify the areas of human resource surplus and deficit. Necessary actions can be taken according to the situation so it empowers organization to achieve optimum utilization and efficient of human resources. The communication plays very essential role in identifying and advertising vacancies, conducting interview, selecting and recruit right candidate for the job.

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Organizations should have well defined and structured goals, objectives and standards. Employee motivation, performance appraisal, becomes useless without proper objectives and standards. This is a most important function of communication in an organization. Effective communication is more important when handling employee grievances because grievance handler should have effective communication skills to understand the correct situation and to solve it.

Training and development are essential to attain of the goals and objectives of the organization in other word goals and objectives become realistic with training and development. With help of appropriate Effective communication skills employee training and development become easy to conduct. Effective communication is the key to qualitative training and development in an organization (Ekene, 2015).Improving communication skill is most important part in person career. Some employees can have very creative ideas but if they haven’t good communication skills to express those ideas clearly and also persuasively they are not valuable to you company or your organization. If any employee learns to listen well, speak well, write well and identify most appropriate way to express their ideas in any situation, employee will gain huge advantages. Therefore effective communication skills are very important factor in your career achievements.

Aside from the individual benefits, effective communication should be beneficial to you in indirect way because it is important your organization. Effective communication helps organization in many ways. It empowers organization to achieve best marketplaces, higher profit, Accurate forecast about potential problems, good employee engagement with their work, higher employee satisfaction, lower employee turnover, effectiveness and efficiency with these benefits effective communication leads organization towards goal attainment.

(Excellence in Business Communication Tenth Edition)


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