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Last updated: August 9, 2019

Human Resource Management is being widely used since in the ancient time and until today its existence continues to exist in different organization throughout the world.

Human capital is a collective value of the capabilities; knowledge, skills, life experiences, and motivation of an organizational workforce. People play a vital role for the success and failure of an organization. (Robert L. Mathis & John H. Jackson) Human Resource is the most important resources in the organization; they are the heart that pumps the blood in the organization to keep it alive, in order to do its mission to achieve its vision in the future. Human resource department has the sole responsibility for making this resource healthy, by promoting harmonious relationship in the organization. They must be the role model for maintaining the equilibrium in the workplace.

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They should also be a strength giver in an organization every time an organization encounters weaknesses. Conducting team building, recollection, recreational activities and others helps the employee’s to be more productive. Human resource department must not stop in searching every opportunity that will contribute to the success of the organization.

Sending their human resources to different trainings and workshops create advantages in a competitive environment. They must know how to adopt every time they will encounter changes outside and inside the organization, in terms of technology, political and legal status. Human resource department should always be on guard to eliminate threats in an organization either internal or external forces. By proper handling of recruitment, staffing and compensation benefits it helps the organization eliminate competition. Designing management systems to ensure that human talent is to accomplish organizational goals. Commitment to give proper care and attention to the needs of human capital in the organization is one of the good strategies that the human resource should possess. Giving an excellent performance and being compliance in some legal matters helps the department to continue its service to the people in the organization at the same time protect the employees and employers if there are an issues or conflict that may arise.

Being a good partner in its workforce, it creates a strong relationship in different levels and department of the company. Being an employee champion, admin expert and change agent are the role of the HR for every Employee it also shows proper attention and guidance are being given to every human capital in the organization. Internal factors are those that originates within its management itself it is controllable because it is only an internal, like funding its sources, its shared values the mission and vision of the organization should always be properly address for the knowledge of all that is in the organization. While the external factors that affect the human resources are the government roles and regulation like change in salary, health, security, and even technology.

In terms of global factor the globalization of business has meant that more organizations now operate across borders with ties to foreign operations, international suppliers, vendors, employees, and other business partners, where it differs its cultures, shared values the economics status of a certain place and their legal system impose by the government.


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