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Human Resource Management
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Beardwell in 2004 define human resource management is the process of composing plan, evolve and administering the policies and development program of human resources in the organisation .It covers the activities of strategic HRM ,human capital management knowledge management, corporate social responsibility, organization development ,resourcing(work force planning ,recruitment and selection an talent management),learning and development, performance and reward management, employee relations and well-being and the provision of employee services.” (Armstrong, 2014)
This assignment is about Mark and Spancer company which includes small presentation about company , purpose and functions of HRM in the organisation and also Strengths and weaknesses of approaches of different approaches to recruitment and selection.
Overview of organisation
Marks and Spencer (M&S) is one of Britain’s oldest and best known retailers who make as sell their own foods, clothing and home products online and in stores. M;S “employ more than 60,000 people worldwide, operate more than 450 stores in more than 70 countries, and serve a lot of customers every week. (Rowe, 2016) .The company became the first British retailer to make a pre-tax profit of over £1 billion, although subsequently it went into a sudden slump, which took the company. (marksandspencer, 2018)
Purpose and function of HRM in the organisation
Human resource management at M&S should complete the ensuing functions to manage the organisational goals and objectives so for this reason we can find some effective workforce planning and resourcing and in this way the purpose and functions of HRM are discussing below:
• One of the purpose of HRM is to describe the vacant positions of the organization and then select the members of crew. So, planning, helps the organisation knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the process of the company (Julie Beardwell, 2007). Mark and Spencer is a big company retailer so it needs human resources to operate the business productively. Over adequate HR planning M&S facilitate the company to make progress long-term achievement of human resources.
• After fixing objectives and advanced plans, organizational structure must be devel-oped and arrange to carry out various operation. This function includes: grouping into personnel activity, assignment of different functions, delegation of authority and co-ordination of activities.
• Motivating employees is another important function of HRM. The reason of motiva-tion is to inspire people to work freely and adequately to obtain the goals of the organ-ization. This motivation can take shape of career planning, salary administration pro-vides employee morale, evolve cheerful relationships and provision of safety and well-being necessity.
• Performance Management this is a really important process which is subject to moni-tor and analysis all the employees activities from work and also to assure that they will have for their company good people with right skills which are employed for the right job, good direction, controlling and monitoring which must be by the employees man-agement should determine the present performance of the employees and take action to handle with the diversion. (Torrington, 2008)On M&S company we can meet a an assessment system made by the manager with employees every year precisely in order to identify the good things and those that need to be improved. They use a productivity review plan; so they can watch if the employees have fulfilled their obligations and if it is not they are ready to intended an set up courses to fix the problem.
• For establish good competence, training and development is a important functions of HRM. The personnel need to be trained to implement their job adequately, training and development programs give good means which can encourage that personnel are able of performing at their levels. HRM at M&S is based on employee improvement through training so that way M&S provides a program to rise the organisational sustainable over employee progress. (Torrington, 2008). M&S wants to make people to feel good and to enjoy their work and also to feel capable to do a perfect job with their best ability.
• Compensation is a really significant reason that can make employee to stay and create productivity for company so in this case HRM at M&S believes in people and that way they invest in them and offer competitive compensation. In this way company can improve the performance of employee and to be able to carry out the organizational goals and objectives. (Torrington, 2008)
• For a good progress at workplace the HRM must provide the competent personnel relationship. HRM at M&S target is to make employee to feel confident and to create a link between his motivation and the smooth running of the company. They think if the company staff are satisfied in this way company can make profit.
Strengths and weaknesses of approaches of different approaches to recruitment and selection
We all of us know that the recruitment process and selection it is very important for the future of organisation. Recruitment and selection are two important components of the system the organisation is part of where this two make the connection between the human people that the organisation needs and between the people who are selected for the job. If we take a look we can find many sources of recruitment and selection some of them are: Strength and weakness (internal regulatory factors) , opportunities and threats(external real factors) source, job analysis, job description, person specification and contingency recruitment. This can help as on resolving and understanding the current business situation on M&S company and also to see the improvements that need to be made

Strenghts Weaknesses
Internal : big brand with a brand name recognition over the world ,customer satisfac-tion , lots of products , good relationship with staff , big image of presentation , good cus-tomer services , shopping climate, coaching for staff and mangers, Hight quality for fresh goods , stock control, customer age , big competition in food market , not attractive for all people (more expensive than others)need more invests
External :Opportunities
Internet technology -nowadays it is a really big trend to make online shopping,
Fresh eating, marketing extending , growth areas home/beauty/clothes/food , Threats
Competitions at all levels, prior lack to prepare the changing customer needs.
Job analysis: observation, helps to see all the skills for distinct job, helps to make efficient strategies for selection and help to complete scheme of facilities and compensation It takes time to much, very poor information,
Job description: encourage people with good skills to apply for job, responsibilities are clearly, this help to have the right staff in organisation, Sometimes is hard to describe all the obligation, sometimes those who apply are not the right ones,
Person specification: it is specific for people with right skills for the job, high level of understanding of candidate which applied for job, the lack of the exact characterization of the person the organization needs will create a list of people with mixed, low and high abilities, which will make the list of jobs suitable for the job more limited in favour of those without the necessary skills, can be deprived for people with disabilities.

In conclusion M&S in a big company with a real success all over the world. Recruitment and staff selection are key elements in the dynamics of human resources, so that achieving these processes effectively contributes to the positive personalization of the organization in its field of activity, the rate of human capital persistence significantly influencing the increase in company productivity. Most of our lives are members of an organization or another, whose basic element is the goal or purpose. They all follow programs or methods to touch the moths – repeat an operation so many times until performance is achieved. Organizations must then acquire and allocate the resources needed to reach the moths. The way in which these resources are used depends on the future of the organization. All organizations are made up of people that they place on the forefront so that they can more easily achieve their goals

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