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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Human life is a paradox, combination of joys and sorrows. If today we’re happy, tomorrow we may be sad, vice versa. There are times when life seems to be radiating with light where full of success, while there are some times when it hits darkness that leave trace of it and for the rest of your life.The saddest day of my life was probably the day my grandfather passed away.

Not only he’s my grandpa but my best companion that I can lean on. I spent maximum time with him as we visit him in the province which is my father’s hometown where we laugh and travel together. He shares his life experience when he was kid like me, speaks many stories where I learned important lessons in life. I remember everything about him, the way he walks, his scent and even when he laughs. Everything was so great until that day come where we discovered his sickness, so he was confined at the hospital for weeks and then was fine and returned home until it came the day where all of us were tears and had a mental breakdown, it was Jan 16 2016 where he passed away, it was so sudden that we didn’t even know what happened. My father was there at the province together with him and then he called my mother, I was so shocked that my mother was in tears and also it’s the first time seeing her like that and then she said ” wla na imo lolo” and that was the time that I was having a mental breakdown and didn’t know what to do, I was quiet for hours and my mother and I decided to go to province for my father also needed us there. Who knows that was the last time I saw my grandpa, my best companion, for I still remember his face when we bid a farewell for him.

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I knew that I would have an angel watching over me and my family, but I lost my best companion. Since that moment until know, I only have memories of my grandpa whom I spent the great times in my life. That day was indeed the saddest moment of my whole life.


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