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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Human is the most vital asset to an association. Issues related with HR happen because of representatives cooperating. These issues are by a long shot the biggest classification of moral issues in business. Recruitment and hiring process is the initial phase in choosing human asset into an association, and will essentially impact the fruitful execution of the association.

Ethics assumes an imperative job amid the enrollment of new representatives. Law and controls direct that we must be moral in procuring. When hiring new employees, there are many legal and issues that might arise. There are so many ethical issues while hiring a employer for the specific job.(Ethics in recruitment and selection. (n.d.).

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The three most ethical issues are:-1. Discrimination: – The most common issue is the discrimination. The discriminate in change in race, tribe, nationality, gender, marital status, religion, health status, and educational background of the employer. As there are rules and regulation against discrimination but still there are some businesses where discrimination occurs while hiring employee for the specific job.2. Making a wrong concept about the employer:- As we know the employer use to answer why they want to join the organisation and how they help the organisation in upcoming time. By answering these question, sometime the owner or the manager make the image of the employer in a wrong and incorrect way that he not only question his personal life but also make the employer in nervous condition.

3. Recruiting non-skilled person:- Sometime in case of deadline or under pressure, the employer hired the non skilled person without knowing whether the person is perfect for specific job or not.Since all elements of common sense will be lost in the time of deadline , such “under-pressure” recruiters end up hiring incompetent candidates.(10 Ethical Issues That Arise When Hiring Employees. (n.d.).

To mitigate all these issues, I will take some step so that i can hire the perfect person for specific job. Some of the steps should be:-1. In case of discrimination, i will not see the gender, race or tribe of the person. I will question him/her about other concept so that i can choose the identified person for the job that has to be done and the person who can perform all the task with good result.

2. As in making wrong image of employer, i will not make any negative judgement according to his/her answer regards to every question. I will think of positive things that is answered so that there will be not unfair thing happen while hiring the employee. 3. For proper and perfect skilled person hiring, i will make time plans and proper question in the interviews with all employers so that skilled person come up and selected by the organisation for bright future of the company.

4. company values should come in front of employer and be seen in different processes that will help in hiring the employer. Some of them are:A. HR policies and their implementationB.

Reward systemsC. Hiring and retentionD. Performance management and evaluationE. Promotion decisions(Five Keys to Reducing Ethics and Compliance Risk.


At the end of the interview i will Re-evaluate and revise as needed, so that the employees are cleared with each and every policy of the company and all duties should be cleared to them.


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