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Last updated: May 1, 2019

How we handle our data system more effectively? When we focus on the physical structure of the data system we have to recognize components of it.

It shows the data flow through the physical components. Improving performance of the data system to effective decision making provides feedback on daily operations. Ultimately achieve a specific goal.Organizational data system physical components can be categorized in advanced as,• Hardware• Database and Software• Procedures• Input and OutputHardware • Drivers: Keep up to date drivers in the system which improve the performance.

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New updates of the drivers bring lots of errors and bug fixing and new advancements to the system.• Hardware upgrades: Extend the Ram capacities, install new processes systems like latest: Work stations with high cache memories –Intel Xeon processors, AMD Opteron……. and etc. Which improves the processing capabilities too.Databases: DBMS patch updates and upgrading databaseWill be able to solve lots of existing issues include lots of bug fixing and advance features.• Fixing the security issues: Most of the databases are vulnerable to cyberattacks so new threats are keeping coming in the modern world with new advance technologies if the databases are not up to date then it creates a huge opportunity for hackers to enter to the system.

Therefore, databases have to be up to data as possible. New upgrades reduce the risk.• Enhanced Features: Many upgrades come with numerous additional features which improve the productivity of the features. Which makes the system much quicker and more reliable.• Storage Efficiencies: New Upgrades mostly capable of managing the storage effectively.


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