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Last updated: April 7, 2019

How to use a micropipette Aim Used to utilize a quantitative amount of liquid from one container to another. In most modern biological labs there are a lot of devices that have a multifunction use. One of these devices is Micropipette that is used to measure and transfer small portions of liquid. The accuracy of the device depends on the technique use of the user. The accurate use of the micropipette stands in need of instruction and practice. The device starts absorption at 1 microliter. A Journey into the history of Micropipettes started in1957 at the University of Marburg, Germany by postdoc Heinrich Schnitger, which is used in different laboratories.

for instance, microbiology, research labs … etc. Materials -water -Beaker -pipette tips -10ml, 100ml, 1000ml micropittes Methods Choose the most suitable tip depending on the micropipette volume.

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Then the water in the beaker should be drawn up by the micropipette then released to the empty beaker. The micropipette works much like a syringe that is used to deliver an injection. Result using a micropipette Discussion First, we should find the final volume of the new solution V2 by using this formula: M1V1=M2V2 We have 50x TE which is the molar concentration 1, then we dilute it to 48x which is the final concentration of the new solution and has a volume of about 1000 microliters. We calculate it by using the formula. The volume that is needed to make the new solution should be 960 microliters.

In the laboratory, there were three micropipettes with different volumes (10ml, 100ml, and 1000ml). First, there are different sizes for the tips. Each tip should fit the micropipette that suits it. The second step is to set the volume and that’s by turning the plunger button. Note that the lock button needs to be checked that it is open. The plunger has three positions: The first one is the resting mode The second one is pushing down on the plunger The third one is pushing down from position 2 -To draw up liquid First, keep pressing on the plunger button until it reaches position 2 Second, slowly release pressure on the plunger button until it return to position 1 -To release liquid First, the plunger button should reach position 2 Second, push down to position 3 so that the last drop of the liquid release from the tip Third, release the plunger button toward up until it returns to position 1 -photos are adapted from the website https://di.uq. using a micropipette. When using the micropipette there are several things need to avoid such as, Make sure to use a brand new tip each time. Use the micropipette in a vertical direction.


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