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Last updated: May 4, 2019

How to Fix Setup was unable to create a new system partition In this topic we will remove or fix the error which usually comes in installing windows. This trick able to resolve the error in Windows/7/8/10 as well. “Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition” Following are the considerable steps to remove the installation error1. First you require is Bootable windows DVD or Bootable windows USB2.

Insert Your bootable media (DVD or USB) and Boot your computer from the bootable media3. Next Step is after booting the media select the windows source file and click to the next4. Image 15. On the next page will appear on your display screen with the message “Where you want to install Windows” 6. Image 27. At this position you need to enter the command Shift+F10. This command will lead to command prompt directly at this stage8.

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In the next step in command prompt type command diskpart and press enter9. Image 310. Next is write list disk and press enter this command will enlist the disk list such given in the image. I have only one drive with online status11. Image 412.

Now in the next you need some attentions to select the drive. In my case I have single drive so I will write the command select disk 0 and press enter after the drive is selected write clean and press enter. The second command will delete all the files on the media. 13. Further after removing the whole media type the command “create partition primary size=5000” in my case disk size I have created as per my hard disk specification. Consider yours as per your hard drive specification.14.

Image 515. In the next step type the command format fs=ntfs quick and press enter to format the created media drive.16. Image 717. Next step with further commands is type assign to assign is label and next type command active to activate the partition 18. Image 819.

The next command is type list volume to see enlist created petitions 20. Image 921. Next we will start copying the windows files from Bootable windows media disk to created partition.

In case of installing windows from USB the proses will be same. Now at this time type exit to exit from the directory and enter your destination drive. In my case I will type to select the windows DVD cd e: and press enter. In your case select as per your suitability. 22. Image 1023. Next step to copy files from windows DVD to created media partition type xcopy e: c:/e/k/h and press enter.

This process will take particular time.24. Image 1125. Now type exit at the end to eject the installation process. Now restart the system. Once you complete the process after restarting the windows.

Start installation process. In this process the process will show the 5GB system files that we have created earlier in the process. You have to select the other unallocated space media for installing windows to the computer. Now your computer is ready without any problem.Boot Loader In case you have the boot loader startup problem.

To remove the primary black screen follow the under given steps.1. For this use the command Windows button+R and the direction box. Enter cmd to open the command prompt. It important to mention that open the command prompt as administrator.2. Now when the command prompt is open type bcdedit and press enter.3.

Image 124. Locate the file Windows setup and type with next step you need to delete the identifier file. Type bcdedit / delete and press enter5. Image 13I hope the problem will be no more after completing the process.


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