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Last updated: March 12, 2019

How does color affect advertising? Color can be most important element in a business advertising campaign. “Using the right colors to promote a business during a marketing and advertising campaign is extremely important. This is because a color can represent many different energies, emotions, and feelings” (Morris). Consumers notice color before words and even the fresh-faced model you hired to stand next to your company’s products.

As a small-business owner, your advertisements and promotional campaigns can influence consumer feelings about your products or services and can play just as large a role in generating sales as any slogan. The use of color can in small-business advertising campaigns can convey the attitudes and moods that consumers would associate with the products. For example, “the color blue can convey feelings of confidence, trust, and security” (Morris). This is an ideal color for promoting products that wish to emphasize clarity and purity, including bottled spring water or filtration. The emotions or attitude the color choice generate allows consumers to associate those emotions with the products. Incorporating specific colors into advertisements can grab consumer attention with an immediacy that a catchy slogan cannot.

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Colors can catch consumer attention more easily because of the multiple associations consumers have with specific color. For example, “the color red is associated with action, excitement, and passion since the color red symbolize fire” (Morris). The color red not only draws the attention for being among the most vibrant colors in the visible spectrum, it also attracts the eye because of the multiple associations consumers have with the colors from massive worldwide companies to Santa Claus.


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