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Last updated: April 7, 2019

How are titration different in industries to college?Firstly in college, we manually measure out the standard solution using class B glassware however in an industry, they use class A glassware which is expensive but much more accurate than class B leaving less room for errors, which also works out the standard solution to more accurate degree. As well as in industries they have a machine that will auto titrate, which is much more accurate than in college as we wouldn’t have as accurate measurements for the standard solution which means that there is a possibility of more errors occurring when manually doing a titration compared to a machine doing it. Furthermore, an industries will use a pH metre which is more reliable than an pH indicator as it is linked up to a computer data base/system so the errors are reduces as colours can be subjective when humans are deciding whether or not it is the right colour, the pH metre knows what pH it is. As well as in industries there are experts working with the machines and titrating so there results will be more reliable as there will be less mistakes made because they have carried out so many titrations before whilst in school, they are as qualified and not as professional when it comes to titrating as they wouldn’t have done as many titrations before so more prone to errors occurring. This makes it better as the endpoint will be more reliable in an industry than in a school.

As well as Industries use machines that make the standard solution which limits the errors as there isn’t as much of errors when making the standard solution as there won’t be human errors when mixing. The results are produced a lot quicker in industries than in college by the autotitrator and the endpoint results are more accurate. Some industries that use tirations are

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