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Last updated: March 26, 2019

House association has transformed over a long time period, continuously adjusting to react to necessities enacted by socio-cultural connections, behavioral aspects and family arrangement and also to get progresses in housing skill and to engage with innovative home utilizations. Normally, houses are systematized in unique groups of spaces, organized in form of internal zones (Amorim, 1997). Dhaka, the city had been recognized first by the Mughals, originated to develop. People who roamed to Dhaka city from rural parts in quest of work were courageous young people in search of new familiarities and prosperity. The intensification in the prominence of the position of Dhaka, first as a local capital later the divider of India, and after as a state capital in 1971 with the foundation of Bangladesh, carried with growing urban relocation, developing the fusion of cultures and values, rejuvenation and possible globalization. The outcome can be defined through history within some distinct disruptions with convention – the appearance of the nuclear family dividing the combined family of the earlier, spatial and chronological sectioned of spaces into residential, commercial, institutional, recreational etc. and gradually, this has permeated into the design of dwellings, establishing the spaces portioning for diverse activities like sleeping, dining, reading etc., rather than a particular space obliging maximum events (Imamauddin, 1982).


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