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Hospitality sales and marketingIndividual research assignmentLeticia geelIndex: IntroductionTHE PALM The Palm resort is a 3-minute walk from the beach. The Palm is a family resort located in Central Phuket, Thailand. it is close to the hustle and bustle of the town and all the shops are walking distance.

The palm is a perfect family or couple destination where you can relax and enjoy the island of Phuket. CITATION Ban18 l 7177 (Anon., 2018) The PalmLocation: 13 Moo 1 Ban Tai, Koh Phangan, Suratthani, 84280 Baan Tai, Thailand.Age: 6 years operational Amenities The Palm has to offer: Free Wi-Fi Fitness centreRoom serviceBar Lounge Laundry serviceBus shuttle Airport transportation Conference facilities Dry cleaningRestaurantDay careGame roomDay spa3 poolsThings to do at The Palm: Morning yoga classesThai cooking classGaming roomSpa dayIsland toursFun activates in the pool CITATION Ban18 l 7177 (Anon., 2018) The Palm Types of rooms: Standard double room, sleeps twoStandard quadruple room, sleeps fourSuperior twin room, sleeps twoSuperior double room, sleeps twoConferencing at The Palm: Key features:Three modern rooms with air- conditionerCustomized menus by our chefsParking facility Professional trained staffState of the art equipment in each room Package includes:Coffee and tea on arrival Midmorning snacks with juiceWater bottles Light lunch with drinksMini desserts Palm room – convenient for small groups – Seats four people The PalmLilly Room – convenient for bigger groups – Seats up to ten people Bamboo Room – Convenient for big groups – Seats up to 36 people Layouts of the conference rooms: Guest may choose any of the following layouts. The Palm Moo 1 Ban Tai, Koh Phangan, Suratthani, 84280 Baan Tai, Thailand Call Leticia on: 078 106 5809 Email: Leticia.

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[email protected] CITATION Con18 l 7177 (Anon., 2018)Section 2 Introduction to my business My business provides a service to guests and gives them a place to relax.

13 Moo 1 Ban Tai, Koh Phangan, Suratthani, 84280 Baan Tai, Thailand.I decided to open this business so that we can deliver excellent service to guest who come to visit us as well as to make their stay as memorable as possible. I want it a place to be where people come to relax and enjoy themselves.My business works because it offers a variety of amenities as well as a conference centre that is away from the hustle and bustle. It creates a more relaxed and healthy environment for guest, whether it is for relaxing and taking a holiday or whether it is a more formal event or conference.

Trained quality staff is needed at The Palm. The Palm is a 5-star business that only delivers 5-star service. Our five chefs are highly qualified and have worked over the world. Our staff such us butlers, housekeepers and managers underwent training. Our managers need management qualifications as well as experience in the industry. Staff will undergo training every 6 months to keep them up to date with the new trends.About myselfI am Leticia Geel owner of The Palm resort and conferencing in Thailand. I have always had a passion for the industry and I loved traveling.

My family and I would travel to Thailand offer and we love the relaxed culture and work ethic in Thailand so I decided to open up my very own Hotel, The Palm.I am 24 years of age.Born in 1994, 01,23.Training and coursesName of place Years Courses completed International Hotel school 3 years Management Tuks 2 years Sales and marketing Practical workName of place Years Position filledThe Grind 6 months Marketing managerRadison 1 year Front office supervisor Personal strengths and abilitiesHardworking Loyal Creative Professional Good communication skills1.3. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Understanding costumer needs. Confused costumer conception.

Offering outstanding service. Limited number of rooms.Trained qualified staff. High initial investment .Opportunities Threats Low taxation.

Seasonality. Word of mouth. Competitors .More effiant over time. Economy. 1.4 Goals for business Short- term goals Create publicity for the hotel by marketing the hotel.

Create good reputation through communication with stakeholders.Medium- term goals Cover the initial cost and expenses.Run the business in a way that will guarantee the success and make the best use of management skills and resources.Long-term goals Maintain the business and increase profit.Be the number 1 hotel destination in Thailand.

Feasibility studyTechnical feasibilityThis focuses on the technical resources that is available to my company. It is also used for the evaluation of the hotels software, hardware and other technology requirements within the company.Economic feasibility Helps with decision makers determine positive economic benefits for the company and the viability and costs.

Legal feasibility This assessment makes sure that the project does not conflict any legal requirements or the law.Operational feasibility Determines whether the organisations needs can be met by completing the project.Scheduled feasibility Scheduling is very important, therefore a property must be completed on scheduled date.Marketing concept


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