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Last updated: March 19, 2019

Hospitality management Hospitality manager plays an important role in overseeing the administrative tasks of a hotel, resort or casino chain such as operations, employees, customer service and the financial record keeping. They should have also passion for service and an experience that enhances what tourists experience when they go on vacation. They must have a great and various skills and responsibility for the position.

Primarily, growing the revenues are one of the goal in hospitality industry. Therefore, the manager must be able to “sell” the lifestyle of the resort and hotel chain or all about their businesses. Secondly, they have a lot of experience about their works. It is essential that manager can be describe and recommend the types of experiences that tourists can enjoy at a particular hotel or resort.

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Lastly, manager should be an effective communicator and have professional manner. Since, they always meet customers and their staffs also they must solve the problems with them. When manager just give a command to workers, they want to move their workplace. The major responsibility of a hospitality manager is to ensure that travelers have a pleasant experience. Therefore, they can recommend good restaurants and tourist spots for their customers’ vacation. Overseeing the staff and situation is another responsibility of manager especially who work in a hotel or resort. They must know and handle all about their businesses like problems, employees, customers, and financial. Manager must protect and control their clients from emergencies.


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