Hoosier Media, Inc. Social media marketing plan and Implementation.

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Dr. Yolanda Salazar

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Marketing Strategy
The plan is to use social media platforms to widen our market. The primary goals of the scheme will be to increase the sales of the firm by more than 50%.Secondly, retaining of the customers that we have already at ensuring we attract even more customers.

The primary objective is to make sure that we create awareness about the types of merchandise we sell. Our vision is to be the number one electronic devices distributor by the end of the year. Our priority for us to realise this dream is to identify the ideal social platform to use to create a market the goods and secondly, provide the best services to the customer’s satisfaction.

The solutions to ensuring that the goals above, objectives and visions are achieved. Include the identifying of ideal platforms to be used, researching about our competitors and their marketing approach so as to know the best strategy to use from their weaknesses and failure. Assigning specific roles to the different firm employees and allocating the necessary resources for this plan so as to ensure that the word about our products reaches a broad range of the public (Kirti? ; Karahan 2011).

The use of social media networks will allow for maximum projection of the business products and services to all the audiences that use online platforms. Personal branding in itself connotes a strong representation of the level of success of the business. Specifically, the Vivre Global personal branding follows a widely recognized concept that is used to draw influence in social media circles. Developing the brand will involve the creation of a personality, unique voice , a logo, or a mission statement that communicates the purpose of the brand. The brand will adopt a strategy that will allow for smooth alignment and a transition that matches my real personality and the online-enabled designs within the advert structure (Kirti? ; Karahan 2011).
The adoption of the Vivre Global personal branding is crucial in the sense that it is a necessary measure towards the attainment of the status of sophistication that a person requires in business circles. This personal branding initiative under the Vivre Global tag will be formulated based on the available data for the online audience in order to choose the most appropriate social media network as the influencer base. The available information on the approximate number, type, and purchasing history of the consumers will be collected and analyzed.
Implementation Plan
The first step in creating a marketing brand is the establishment of the goals and objectives of the marketing strategy and roles. The Hoosier Media, Inc. aims to be well known for its products and services within the social media networks. Moreover, Hoosier Media, Inc aims to become known within the social network circles as the expert in the products that it is offering. In outlining the goals and objectives of the brand, other related and established brands should be considered. The manner in which they present themselves on the social media platforms is a valuable example of how my personal brand should be built.
The second step will be the auditing of Hoosier Media, Inc as the personal brand of choice for effective presentation within the social media platforms. The auditing process will be undertaken by engaging in a manual search of the brand name with the help of online search engines like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The search will be conducted after the data cache is cleared in order to ensure that there is no additional memory that is stored within the engine. The process of cache clearance is important because it will ensure that the results obtained from the search are the same that the rest of the influencers receive. One must see the appearance of the brand and identify the areas that require modification in order for it to be easily distinguished among other similar businesses.

As previously mentioned, the platforms chosen for the development of the marketing strategy include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook will be used to post full reviews of the cocktails, both in written and video forms. Additionally, the manager can promote the page by posting comments on posts relevant to the subject. Twitter will be used for short announcements whenever a new post on Facebook is made. Lastly, LinkedIn will be utilized for professional networking with recognized professionals in the area. Additionally, a strong presence on this social media platform will convince potential employers and collaborators of the legitimacy of my expertise on the subject. Thus, I will use the three networking sites in diverse ways in order to most efficiently develop Hoosier Media, Inc. This is the reason why the young employees should be given IPads because they are always online (Berthon, Pitt, Plangger ; Shapiro 2012).
The next step is to consider the brand within the social media circles from the point of view of consistency. Other areas that are worth contemplating include the general way in which the brand appears as well as the layout and texture of the brand website. Additionally, one can make their brand most distinctive by picking a distinct handle and using it across all platforms. For instance, the name Hoosier Media, Inc. is a unique handle that is not currently in use on any of the platforms considered in the marketing strategy (Mangold ; Faulds 2009).

The third step is the actual establishment of the brand strategy that is majorly aligned with the outlined goals. The brand Hoosier Media, Inc. will not aim at personal promotion at all times as the functional method of marketing. Instead, the company acknowledges the need for a highly structured format of operation in order to become most appealing and influential to the consumers within the social media networks. This idea is based on research and analysis of the relevant information that shows a high rate of community dissent for brands that are overly prevalent.
The brand will take some time to engage the community using top social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. This move will ensure that the strategists obtain the required feedback on the performance of the brand among the members of the community upon its launch. In light of this, Hoosier Media, Inc. will appreciate the fact after attaining a particular number of social media followers, the proper management of the company will be paramount (Mangold ; Faulds 2009).

After the establishment of Hoosier Media, Inc. marketing strategy, the final phase of the marketing and promotional strategy is the analysis of the accomplishments. This stage will take place in the months that will follow the brand’s launch to measure involvement of the social media community. This factor could be determined by looking at the people who continually click on the personal brand links or employing the available analytical tools from the experts on social media traffic.


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