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Last updated: September 3, 2019

Honesty; a seven letter word meaning free of deceit and untruthfulness. To be honest is to be fair, righteous in act and speech and not to cheat, lie or steal.Honesty is a word we are all familiar with but sometimes not used to. Honesty can not be tested but can be felt through trust. Telling the truth conveys a trustworthy and good person even though being honest can be the toughest decision, it is the best one.

First of all being honest is important part of having strong friendships and bonds with others. Being fair and supportive with one another is the backbone of any friendship. People in close relationships have everyday practice with one another. Because of this, they are usually the first to realize when being told a lie or kept from the truth.

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People in close relationships such as friends, family etc. are the main source for our joy and entertainment so not only is being dishonest not right, it is also heartful to someone who has shared so much trust to jt have that completely disregarded. Dishonesty can easily tear a strong relationship and threaten the future of the relationship or even building a new one. Honesty can put a loved one through trouble and sorrow but dishonest causes greater consequences typically for both parties hurting the relationship. Being dishonest may allow for opportunities of success, power, or earning money. But these all last shortly as the truth can eep through these tricks and gambles revealing the true story causing dishonesty to face the facts itself.

Knowing this, a person who has never cheated or played unfairly has a greater chance at rue success than someone who has lived their life cheating to the top. However, telling the truth can hurt others. In certain instances it is easier for both sides to stay silent and keep things in secret than telling fibs. A person should always consider the listener’s initial reaction and how they would feel long term and short term about a specific situation. Looking from a real life perspective, honesty is important because children want their parents to trust them and give them more freedom and being honest play a big role as it proves responsibility and respect typically allowing one to have more freedom. Not just for children/ people growing up, but even in work areas, it is crucial to tell the truth.

Being honest at work makes a person trustworthy and seem hard working. By being honest, you allow yourself to develop stronger relationships with coworkers and gain respect from peers and bosses as they can see you are trustworthy and reliable. In large corporations, many sales representatives and businessmen are forced with the challenge of only sharing some of the truth. As they work like this everyday to gain success, they are encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle.Through repetition of white lies that are used to guarantee satisfaction they always end up with a larger price to pay in the near future.

Many people have heard of the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.In summary, the boy would scream that he saw a wolf and worried the whole village but nothing was there. Then he did it a second time, once again worrying the village.

Then the village caught on to what the boy was doing and then the boy boy genuinely saw a wolf and cried out “wolf” and the villagers did not listen. This story is a great example of honesty testing ones trust because the boy lied often, the villagers did not believe him the third time when he told the truth. The boys dishonesty caused the villagers to lose trust and him which ended up with the boy getting eaten. You could say his own dishonesty and tricks killed him. In today’s society it is very difficult to find an honest, non-deceitful person because of the habits people have been constantly developing for years till now. People are taught to lie, cheat and steal for any circumstance of which involves benefiting themselves but considering others and staying truthful can lead to good things happening to them. Just like how “Karma” works, let’s suppose someone is buying clothing at a store and receive too much change back, anyone today would keep the money and not worry about the store or their profits but think about how they just gained an extra 5 dollars.

An honest, trustworthy person would returned the money which might not necessarily make the shopper happy but would sure please the store clerks. Depending on which store and what was returned, the store could provides rewards such as a coupon or discount (which many stores do such as American Eagle outfitters, Starbucks, etc.) further emphasizing the rule of doing a good deed to others leads to a good deed for yourself. Being an honest person take a lot of guts but is rewarding in the end. Peers can see someone who is not only truthful, but also hardworking and responsible as honesty takes a lot of courage and influence to achieve. In conclusion, honesty is crucial to the balance of life between social, economical, environmental and political aspects and we should value an honest,open person with the same respect they have for us.


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