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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Homoallylic amines are valuable intermediates in synthetic organic chemistry. These are very useful in the synthesis of various biological relevant molecules and organic compounds including ?-amino acids, aminoalcohols, aminoepoxides, pyrrolidines, piperidines and complex natural products. The importance of such moieties to the development of synthetic strategies considerable academic as well as pharmaceutical industries. Homoallyl amine as core part is present in several natural products like eponemycin (Fig 1), which exhibit potent activity against B16 melonoma cells; cryptophycin 337 as potent anti tumor compound and halichorine, pinnaic acid both are potential target for treatment of inflammatory disease.Over the past decade, people have developed several strategies to synthesize the homoallyl amines, most of the metal-catalyzed allylation of imine use allylic metal reagents such as silanes, stannes and boranes. However imines are unstable and difficult to isolate in reaction there some limitations.

We focused our attention on the Petasis borono-Mannich (PBM), which is three-component reaction of using boronic acid or boronate, aldehydes and amines to versatile functionalized amine derivatives without external activation. Using the allyl or allenyl boronic acid or boronates in PBM reaction to generate the allyl, allenyl, propargylamines. To develop asymmetric version of this reaction by using chiral substrates like chiral amines and chiral boronic esters previously reported.

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Our main aim to one pot synthesis of chiral homo allyl amines in greenery approach.


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