The life of the children when it is beginning to grow consists in waking up every day in the morning and going to school, but some parents are not letting the children do this routine because they are left taking classes in the house. Homeschooling could cause a couple of negative effects on a child’s life.
The first effect of homeschooling is socialization. Studies have placed that one of the most fundamental points of a person behavior is by socializing with others. Kids that do homeschooling only socialize with their family members, when they go to super markets, or to the mall, but almost never with children of their age. Every single infants need to interact with their peers; otherwise it will affect their development in life.
Children should be sent to a regular school. They can miss important lessons of life they only can be learned in their day-to-day, and unfortunately we won’t have that in their house. School in general is a great teacher, every single detail matter. A homeschooling student may not know how to react to fire alarm or emergency because they have never been exposed to such as situation.
A very important point to remember is that is almost impossible that only one person teaching could be compare with all the amazing professors we have every school.” Within the variety of influences from teachers there are a few gaps left in a child’s education” (Study Mouse). Everything they will have ever heard is only one opinion form the same person; they will have no general view of the world because of that one only influence.
Parents decided homeschooling for their children thinking about bad influences from others kids and trying to protect them from the world. By doing this, they only thing in their short-term and not in the long-term negative effects. In a class, kids learn how to follow rule, orders, and doing what they are told to do.
To conclude, going to a real school is a relevant building block in any person’s life. Not being out there with kids of your age is missing out a big part of your childhood. Schools are communities for the infants, they grown and learn how to be stronger.

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