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Last updated: April 3, 2019

Homelessness is a state where a person doesn’t possess a primary residence to live in. Homelessness, aside from the deprivation of shelters as a basic human need, also indicates the deprivation of other things including one’s dignity and self-esteem. People who do not have safe, secure, affordable shelter have more health problems than the general population, experience social problems that may be worsen by their lack of shelter, and are more likely to become involved in criminal activity than the general public. Homeless children are not simply at risk; most suffer specific physical, psychological, and emotional damage at an early age. Starting from single adults, there are families with kids that homeless, and with the passage of time this number is increasing drastically. I have chosen this topic prominently because the miserable lives of the homeless people make me feel pathetic and I want them to live a preferable life.

I personally view each homeless person as an individual who needs assistance, needs the extra encouragement to be able to support himself, one who needs a higher quality of services provided for him in the shelters. If we, as a nation, work unitedly to diminish homelessness, the outcome will surely be beneficial. If proper actions are not taken now, the impacts of homelessness on people’s lives will become incorrigible. I want to draw everyone’s attention towards this disastrous phenomenon. People’s life are at stake because of homelessness, a burning question of the day, and I want to raise awareness among the other people who have the ability to come and help.

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