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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Hobbies loss their value when it becomes a competitive sport.

Ashina Nigah Brock University Hobbies are really important for personal growth and enjoyment and they play a prominent role in everyone`s life. A hobby is an activity which is done regularly in one`s leisure time for pleasure, relaxation and for emotional satisfaction. Due to these hobbies, people are able to polish their hidden talent. Having a hobby can not only be very enjoyable, but studies have shown that it can also be hugely beneficial to your mental and physical health. Therefore, when an activity like a hobby turns out to be a competitive sport then there is always a risk of losing its real purpose because being a winner becomes more important than pleasure or relaxation.To commence with, motivation has been changed when a leisure activity converts into a competition because the main focus of the players is to win. For instance, according to the Taekwondo chapter, practitioners usually learn sophisticated moves during the training in order to defeat to their enemies because success matters a lot for the participants. In this rivalry era, people measure their victory from the medals, trophies and awards.

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However, the recent studies shown that about 75% of contestants play these game in order to beat their opponents with a motive to earn more money (website name, year). So, they can earn goodwill in the market. Moreover, the aim of leisure activities is to do something for fun, rather than doing primary vocation; whereas competition requires sacrifices and hard work and every sport start losing its importance when emphasis is going on defeating. Furthermore, the way of executing a hobby is altered when it turns into a rivalry. Is the activity going to be as fun when you have done it over and over? Would your favourite song still be your favourite song if you had to listen to it multiple times a day , every day? In addition, the freedom to make mistakes becomes much more restricted when it is a profession because there is need of perfection in any field, whereas hobbies do not include any aptness. What is more, the competition increases the workload by 85% as compared to hobbies and this stress and pressure of workload can eventually lead to the same type of dissatisfaction that people have with their current career path (website, year). They also lost their hobbies in a process.In a hobbies, there is no pressure because people pursue their hobbies for self-relaxation but, in a job there is personal as well as external pressure to be good.

After that, people usually start losing their interest in hobbies when they have to do practice in whole day and then this hobby seems them like a headache. However, some researchers suggest that never let your hobby become a career. That’s not only because the demands of a profession can spoil a pleasure. To illustrate, if a person is a painter, then he will no longerpass a pleasant afternoon because he/she shall be busy with their watercolours and paintings and as a result, that person will start losing his/her interest or passion. Nevertheless, the real aim of sports is to sustain a balance between physical and mental health instead of pressure and anxiety.

In the beginning of a hobby or sport, there is steep learning curve, so everything is new and fun and exciting. But as people start spending more time on it then improvements and effort take more time and consequently, the hobby becomes tedious. Taking it up as a profession could very well remove any sense of novelty and spontaneity it used to have. Some experts claim that it is a good idea to turn one`s hobby into a profession because people can earn handsome money as well as reputation and they can also boost their confidence. On the other side, a hobby is no longer a hobby when there is personal and external pressure to give your best in everything.To conclude, one should never mix hobby with profession because it ceases to be your hobby anymore because it becomes tedious when it changes into job and you will not enjoy it as much as you did. The lack of stability will increase the amount of pressure that people put on themselves and it will turns into source of anxiety.

According to my perspective, there is chances of losing hobby`s importance when it becomes a competition.


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