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Last updated: November 29, 2019

History of the areaHahndorf is a small German town zoned as a state heritage area in 1988 by the south Australian government and was accepted as Australia’s longest surviving German settlement. The Peramangk were the original inhabitants of the area which dated back 2400 years. The people named the area “Burkartilla” meaning “a deep pool” or “wash hole” attributed to a waterhole crafted by numerous creeks that filled into the close Onkaparinga river. The history of Hahndorf can be drawn back to 1838 when a South Australian company director travelled to London to advertise colonization. CultureWithin the community, the men would hunt animals for food while the women gathered vegetables, cared for the children and maintained the campsite.

They would stay at a campsite for a few days and would then move to a new one. This prevented over use of the area and its food supply/resources, making sure the environment stayed the same for future generations over thousands of years.

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