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Last updated: September 15, 2019

Hillary Rodham ClintonRemarks to the U.

N. 4th world conference on women Plenary SessionHillary Rodham Clinton was one of the lady Remarks to the U.N. 4th world conference on women Plenary Session. He was born October 26, 1947, and her birthplace was Chicago. She was married 1975, President Bill Clinton. Also, after finish graduating from Yale Law School, she worked as a rod advocate for the Children’s Defense Fund, and then she joined the staff advising the U.

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S. she became first the nation’s lady in 1992. She won her own election as the U.S senator from New York in 2000. Also, she was one of the served President Barack Obama’s secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. Also, in 2010 the time magazine announce lots of powerful women named but there declared that she was one of the most admired women in the world.

She got lots of honors and awards from the University of Pennsylvania and a Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service, the Pentagon’s highest award given to politics and private citizens. This speech basically talks about women right. Women always work hard and they work for a family and their children also the neighbor. But they didn’t work for their self and always work others but they didn’t get equal right in the society. Therefore, in this speech “Hillary Rodham Clinton” there has some great credibility, emotional feeling, and logical appeals. In this speech “Hillary Rodham Clinton” the most important words are logical words. These logical sentences are proving and support conference statement. In this conference, a lady used some great logical point to improve women right.

And I use one logical point “What we are learning around the world is that if women are healthy and educated, their families will flourish. If women are free from violence, their families will flourish. If women have a chance to work and earn as full and equal partners in society, their families will flourish.

And when families flourish, communities and nations do as well.” This logical point said that when women get freedom and equal right in the society, they can develop easily our family, society, and country as well as. Also, when women are healthy and educated, they can help their children for their study and do a good job, and they take care properly their children and remove violence in the society.

For example, when women get a change to do outside work, they earn money and they can help their husband when they face any difficult problems. As we know that this speech has also emotional parts to audience make belief. This speech has also some emotional words, which make her be strong to talk about women right.

In this speech, she had to give emotional words with varying tone. “If we take bold steps to better the lives of women, we will be taking bold steps to better the lives of children and families too. Families rely on mothers and wives for emotional support and care. Families rely on women for labor in the home. And increasingly, everywhere, families rely on women for income needed to raise healthy children and care for other relatives.” This pathos said that when we work for women right, and it can be good for our family and our children because when women can get change for study and can take cake properly their children and they can help their children for their study. For example, when any children mother was not educated, and their mother cannot check their homework. Children were doing or not doing because an educated mother is very important for every child.

In this speech, she was strongly showed up some great credibility about women right. “The great challenge of this conference is to give voice to women everywhere whose experiences go unheard. Women comprise than half the world’s population, 70% of the world’s poor, and two-thirds of those who are not taught to read and write.

We are the primary caretakers for most of the world’s children and elderly.” This ethos point said that in the world, more than half women are uneducated and they cannot read anything. And also they cannot get change for study because there are families has not enough money for their study that’s why they cannot get change. Also, the government gives primary take care of children and elderly women but they cannot give equal right. In conclusion, the lady was strategically able to encourage her conference by using credibility, emotional feeling, and logical appeals.

She was able to using credibility to capture the concentration of her conference. She talks some great logical point to improve women right. Also, she used the pathos to the emotional point.


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