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Last updated: April 6, 2019

hi how are you today yu know i knoe hAlexander the Great has many differing perspectives on his history due to the historians who wrote his history. Callisthenes is the basis of all the history that has been written on Alexander the Great and therefore historians context have a major impact on how they write his history. There is a strong debate over whether Alexander the Great’s idea of Racial Fusion was an effective plan, historian Diodorus Siculus believed it was a Great plan and he expressed this though his writing which is a secondary source. In the written source Diodorus Siculus mentions that Alexander the Great practiced the Persian customs in private not wanting to offend the Macedonians, this is a great way to start fusing cultures without causing a riot. Alexander the Great’s idea was to combine the cultures so they could all live together peacefully under his reign. The source also mentions how he began to adopt Persian luxury and the extravagant display of the kings of Asia, Alexander the Great payed much respect to the other cultures in order to make them his own without offending anyone. His Great way of being able to peacefully fuse races together is evident in Diodorus Siculus’ writing. Most of Diodorus Siculus’ ideas of Alexander the Great came from Callisthenes, soldiers stories and Cleitarchus, these historians all wrote favorably of Alexander and therefore could make Siculus’ perspective bias. Diodorus Siculus’ context has provided him with the information to form a history about Alexander the Great.


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