Hello there companions! It’s been some time now since I’ve last posted. Frankly… life has been so unforeseen and loaded with gifts, hardships.

The children are developing like weeds, Little Girl is presently 6 years of age now and is exceeding expectations in first grade. Young man is filling in as hard as ever in kindergarten to learn and meet hindrances. We as of late found that he has a frontal stutter and I’ve had a having a craving for something to that effect would be discovered at some point or another.

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Since I’ve last composed a blog entry, I’ve changed review levels. A year ago was my first year to instruct and I was enlisted to educate fourth grade science and English dialect expressions. This year, I have moved to third grade to instruct similar subjects.

I trust you appreciate the numerous photographs I’ve chosen to share today. Other than being altered to post to Facebook, I’ve not corrected to altered them for Mommy Does… this is the thing that my opportunity is spent doing. Investing energy with my friends and family.

I have met numerous educator companions over the most recent few years and I’ve been exceptionally appreciative to keep associations with my bloggy companions I made in the years I blogged full-time. Blogging dependably was a twofold edged sword.

I cherished the open doors I experienced and got through diligent work and commitment however I think back and think about all the fretful evenings I spent altering posts, composing from my heart, endeavoring to take the best photographs I could and communicating with perusers, companions and organizations I jumped to work with.

Over the most recent few years, I’ve learned do much doing with instructing. It’s taken the bleeding edge of my life (other than my family) and I’ve poured each ounce of “additional vitality” (


I'm Kyle!

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