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Last updated: October 30, 2019

Hello Mark Herman, Hope you’re well today!My name is Marina Brhane and I wanted to tell you about how I loved how your film “The boy in the striped pyjamas” has a good storyline, great choice in actors, and overall it was thought-provoking and effective in showing a different view of World War II, the movie is a must see. I really truly loved how you started the movie with a quote that said “Childhood is measured out by sounds, smells, and Sights, Before the Dark Hour of Reason Grows” this quote really set the mood for me it just had me thinking like wow this film is going to be a great movie and I wasn’t wrong because it was I really amazing film, It made my soul fall apart if that makes sense.

it was like a whole emotional rollercoaster type of thing. where you have Bruno’s family moving to Portland so that his father that’s his job business Bruno’s grandmother against with what her son was doing and tell him what he’s doing is wrong but then after a few days pass when they left to Portland, she dies. that made me very sad because I actually thought that she was the one that was going to stop her son and his people but the story one another way. I also love how the two nine years old boys, became friends and spent time over a year every day, for several hours talking, sitting opposite each other, divided only by the camp fence. On the one side, there is Bruno’s misunderstanding, why people in striped pajamas are considered to be “non-humans” and how they differ from others. On the other side, there is awareness of reality and unnatural acceptance of the world as it is, This just showed we that people can put things as bad as they want or they can but just to know that someone will always know the truth and the good of people is just amazing to me.

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Something that I really didn’t like was how people can just be so cruel to other humans who think differently full act differently and speak differently and believe in different things than them Where they actually do things to hurt them it’s just crazy to me because that once happened and it’s just crazy that people thought they way and probably still think that way now. I just don’t understand why some people just hate to the point where they feel like they have to like execute people from the universe like that is not necessary or okay at any where any point in life and just to think that some people got away with this kind of murder and cruelty to humankind, and that just upsets me because those people that died could have been something great something really beneficial to the world. Also also upsets to even think about how that still happens in some places against different cultures and different people today. and I just think that the solution for this is to just maybe to calm down and sit down and think and try to understand each other and to understand where we are each coming from and to understand that we’re all coming from different places and we just need to listen and respect. I really love how your Film was historically accurate based on what I have learned in my and my classes and the book that I have read you were pretty historically accurate. because and you’re still me showed how the Jews were mistreated and on properly fed and how the Nazi soldiers were very curly to the jewish people No matter what age they were at that point in time.

and you also showed how they would bring the jewishs into ashes and how it smelled really bad to everyone. Overall you created amazing film that the audience can really take something from and probably research more about after watching and I love that about this film. Thank you for reading my letter I really appreciate you for directing this beautiful film, and I am really excited to hear back from you.Best, Marina Brhane


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