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Last updated: April 12, 2019

Healthy CommunityNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Healthy CommunityA healthy community involves a community, which shares the same perspectives in terms of improving their health and lives (Maurer & Smith, 2014). Although the community may be faced with certain illness, the members are all dedicated in addressing these issues through clear directives and open communication channels, which are important in sharing important information between the community members (Maurer & Smith, 2014). The community has also implemented healthy measures, which may include exercising and access to medical resources, which is important in helping the community in living a positive life (Maurer & Smith, 2014).

An example of a healthy community is a community working together to prevent the development or the spread of certain illnesses in their community by providing a safe environment and through health education. Working together promotes healthy behaviors, which brings about healthy benefits to the members of the community (Maurer & Smith, 2014). This also helps a community in addressing the challenges, which may be experienced by individual members in accessing health care resources. Healthy communities have common goals, which are to improve the health status of the members of that community which is the main goal of these communities (Maurer & Smith, 2014). Healthy communities are also prepared to address any arising heath issues in the community.

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With the main goal being to improve the health status of the members of the community, most of the health communities are well prepared to address any major health concerns which may affect the community. Healthy communities have also low rates of illness development, which is attributed to the healthy lifestyles these communities engage in (Gaston, 2016). Healthy communities engage in exercise, as this has been indicated as one of the aspects to promote health. Exercise prevents the development of lifestyle illnesses, which have been on the rise in the current times due to poor health choices (Gaston, 2016).

If an idea of a healthy community does not match a community’s definition of a healthy community, care can be provided by ensuring that there are effective communication channels. This will allow members of the community to contribute their opinions and views on their perspectives on health promotion (Gaston, 2016). This will enable the collection of ideas and information, which can be used in the decision-making process and provide guidance to an individual in providing care to the community. ReferencesGaston, G.

F. (2016). Shaping the healthy community: The Nashville plan. Nashville: Nashville Civic Design Center, Vanderbilt University Press.Maurer, F.

A., ; Smith, C. M. (2014). Community/Public Health Nursing Practice – Health for Families and Populations. Elsevier: Health Sciences.


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