he rivalry between google android and apple iosis a standout amongst the most talked after wars in portable contraption stages. the google android stage is progressively getting to be predominant in the cell phones and tablets showcase. nokia an once driving organization in the cell phone showcase is gradually entering the cell phone advertise with another scope of lumia cell phones controlled by windows 8 versatile as it eliminates its scope of symbian fueled cell phones. similarly motorola portability is attempting to pick up an offer of the market by expanding its item arrangement of cell phones in the droid family. the android working framework controls the droid scope of cell phones. samsung is by a wide margin the biggest versatile assembling organization on the planet with a full scope of android fueled cell phones in the cosmic system family. the current passage of the samsung cosmic system siii uplifted the upper hand of the android programming stage in light of the android 4.0 frozen yogurt sandwich programming. with htc blackberry os and microsoft versatile as a removed contenders the war is obviously not between cell phone producers but rather the war is between programming makers and for this situation apple ios and google android katie 2012


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