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Last updated: February 14, 2019

Have you ever had a headache or a fever because if you have you would know that they are not fun. Can you imagine having a headache so bad that you can not do anything. That can happen with this horribly virus called junin virus.

Also having a headache and a fever are not even the worst part about it. Not only do you have a fever but you have a (ahf) argentine hemorrhagic fever . This is something that the junin virus can cause. Some other symptoms are vomiting,epigastric pain, dizziness, pain behind your orbit,Light hurting your eye or even a small red dot in your skin know as petechiae.

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Some more symptoms can be bleeding from the gum. Or even bleeding from the nose. There also is the symptom where This virus usually last for about a 5 to 14. But if you have it really bad it could last up to 5 to 21 days. How you can get itThe virus comes from rodents. There are many ways you can get this virus. One Of the ways you can get this virus is by skin to skin contact.

The most know way to get it is by blood or saliva. Also you can get it from water and or food that they have affected . You can get it from within in particles with the urine if the rodent on it. The most common time to get it is during harvesting. Also males have four times a chance to get it them females.

That is because just the fact that they are out harvesting more than women but females can also get it .The history of the virusThe junin virus was first discovered in 1958. In regions of argentina the farming farming plain.

Known as the humid pampas. Since 1958 the virus has gotten worse. It only affected 15,000 people in 2000. But since today it had affected 150,000 people. You have a 15% to 30% of dying when getting the junin virus.If you get junin virus there is no way for you to get treated.

They don’t have and medicines or anything to get rid of it besides one thing there is treatment for the AHF. This treatment can be used on the junin virus because they are kinda the same thing. But this treatment is very rare because of the immune plasma.The junin virus it is a virus with two strands of dna molecules.

The experimentsThey have done many expermentsmon the junin virus. One of them is the guinea pig challenge. They were given the junin virus. The genius pigs were given that stuff Orally. During that experiment only 20% of the guinea pigs lived. The guinea pig were given this medicine called ribavirin. This medicine only gave the guinea pig’s of a 33-40 percent chance of living. Another experiment they did was on a guinea pig that was ten weeks old and a female.

Phases of the virusThere are different phases of this horrible virus. The first one os the horrible headache and anorexia. Then for three to fives days you will go through having a big rash. Also during that period you can get bleeding of gums and nose.

rodentsThe main type of rodents that have this junin virus is rats or mice. The reason they have it is because they can’t get rid of it. They All live together so there is no way that they can get rid of it.

The new mice when they associate with the other rodents they get it and so it just keeps passing down and more and more get it. Then there are to many that have it so they can’t get rid of it.


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