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Last updated: April 13, 2019

Have you ever discovered that someone isn’t who they seem to be? In the Interlopers, Georg Znaeym comes across this question when one of his friends/ enemy tries to kill him over a forest land.

This enemy’s name is Ulrich and just before the two men begin to fight, two trees fall on both characters caused by lightning. This is ironic that both Georg and Ulrich are both hit by trees because if the lightning had not appeared, the trees would not fall and the two men would not make amends. In my opinion, this occurrence was true fate. Everything happens for a reason right?Just like the Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell, The Interlopers is a short story based on conflicts with an opposing character who is the enemy. Both stories contain events which changes the characters views about each other. The only difference between the two short stories are the style and setting.

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The setting of the Interlopers is snowy tundra, whereas the Most Dangerous Game takes place on an Island. In the Interlopers, the style used by the author, Saki, displays irony and suspense between characters. The Most Dangerous Game displays detailed language, and a dark mood.

Both stories are my favorite out of all short stories because it is action packed and has a strong theme. Saki,the author of The Interlopers bring detail and element into this short story. I admire the conflict and reality he introduces to the plot because while I was reading this amazing story, I can relate in so many ways . One way I can relate is that fate can bring people closer and even if your not close to someone, everything does happen for a reason.The conflict of the Interlopers is man vs nature. What brought the ‘Interlopers’ to my attention, was the story behind the character and the message behind this story. I totally recommend this short story to anyone who is a big fan of destiny and faith.

The irony of this story is between what is expected and what actually happens. Although Ulrich


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