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Last updated: March 24, 2019

Hannah SamehMs. Maria10AApril 30, 2018Winter vs. SummerThe four seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall each have some sort of characteristic of their own and affect our daily lives.

Winter and summer especially have the most drastic effect on our lives since they are the complete opposite of one another. The seasons affect our lifestyle, daily routines, choice of clothes, and even have an affect on our mood.Winter is consisted of eating comfort food, and drinking hot beverages to keep warm. You get to set by the fire or heater with friends and just enjoy the warmness in the cold breezy air. Restaurants, diners and even food trucks serve hot soups and hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy. People get to play in the snow, go skiing and even sledding.

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Clothes are consisted of warm sweaters, long sleeved shirts, comfy pants, and whatever footwear to warm your feet.Summer on the other hand, is consisted of long sunny days at the beach and a cold drink to cool you down with. Because of the sun and hot weather, people tend to eat ice cream and drink fresh cold lemonade. People would also wear shorts, dresses, and no sleeve t-shirts because of the humidity. Most of the activities done in the summer would be swimming in a beach or pool, people like the water especially when it’s hot outside.

In conclusion, both seasons are entirely different and people tend to do many things to enjoy them. Both have drastic changes on how we spend our days outdoor and indoor. Winter might have more activities to do when it’s cold, but summer is also as fun when you’re playing outside in the sun!


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