Hanis Hapsa
Mr. Eke Ikechukwu
Cell phones play vital roles in the society; shaping it into a global society/village, making access to information easier. The use of cell phones in classrooms however is said to have effect on the student’s concentration in the classroom. This could even distract his classmates and even the instructor. These distractions could range from cheating, sound from incoming calls, messages from social media.
While cell phones can be used as learning tools, it is a challenge to make sure students use them for school-related tasks. A cell phone can easily turn from “classroom learning tool” into “classroom disruption”. Students tend to misuse that opportunity and convert it into a way of cheating.
It is however true that a student maybe in an emergency and would need to receive a phone call or reply a message when the need arises. Students on the other hand when given the opportunity they tend to abuse it by making unnecessary calls in the name of emergency causing distraction to themselves, their classmates and the instructor.
The addiction to social media is also another major issue. When students are allowed to use cell phones in classrooms, they use to discuss on social media and not pay attention in classroom. Some might say that they could read from the materials provided by the instructor but not everything that is said in class in provided in the materials that the instructor provides.
From all the disadvantages of using cell phones it could be concluded that they cause a lot of distractions to the student and the people around them. The temptation of cheating, surfing the internet, making unnecessary phone calls and chatting could be avoided if the cell phones are saved use after class.


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