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Haley MobleyProfessor TilleyGeog 1102September 8, 2018Assignment #1: Canadian Provinces and U.S.

StatesHawaii, a group of volcanic islands was founded in 1959 and was the 50th state to become part of the United States. It is located in the Pacific Ocean nearly 2,100 miles southwest of the mainland United States. Hawaii has a different language than most states. It has the shortest alphabet in the world, making it difficult to understand. The language consists of light sounds with many different meanings. Hawaiians religion, is surrounded by the indigenous beliefs.

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This state is polytheistic, which means believing in many gods as well as animistic, the belief that natural objects have souls. Hawaii has the highest living cost in the United States. The economy has a very low unemployment rate and is expected to get even lower over the year.

This state does consume the highest of materialized volcanic mountains. With that being said, the volcanic ash gives Hawaii rich soil which makes it easier for living conditions. Hawaii has a very mild/ humid climate due to the warm temperatures. Many people know that Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and islands. With this being said, the water is super clear. Not only is the water in the beaches beautiful, Hawaii’s tap water is some of the cleanest and best quality water you will ever drink. The water consists of rainwater that is filtered through underground volcanic rock for nearly 25 years. Although Hawaii has the clear water, pollution is a major concern.

Things such as chemical waste, runoff, sewage and dumping, industrial waste and windblown pollution. Theses pollutants are causing Hawaii to put up warning and caution signs along the beaches. Hawaii has many valuable crops grown in their state such as sugarcane, pineapple, flowers, coffee and many more. Sugarcane was one of the most valuable crops that was used for trade. These crops help preserve the economy of Hawaii and life wouldn’t be sustainable without them. Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii is the most populated with a population of 1,360,301. The state of Hawaii has a very diverse ethnicity including White, Black, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian and Hispanic/ Latino.

Hawaii is surrounded by water, and has no neighbors. The history behind Hawaii goes all the way back to 1,500 years ago when the Polynesians arrived there. It wasn’t until 1898 when the United States annexed Hawaii.

1959 was when Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States. Throughout the 1,500 years there were multiple conflicts. One in which is a major piece of history. The attack on Pearl Harbor took place in Hawaii when Japan bombed us. Nunavut, a Canadian territory founded in 1999 stretches across the Canadian Artic. The people in the population of Nunavut are referred to as Inuit which means eskimo and they come from artic regions. Nunavut has a dominant religion that includes Christianity, Catholicism, Anglicanism and Pentecostalism.

The language that the Inuit use is called Inuktitut. They have two different writing systems, roman and syllabic. Their territory consists of three different languages that include Inuktitut, English, and French. Nunavut’s has different employment opportunities such as government services, healthcare and education. They also have different construction jobs.

This territory has a higher unemployment rate than Canada itself. Nunavut’s unemployment rate is currently 13.7 percent. Annually, the people of Nunavut earn less than $20,000. A recent report from CBC, “found the average cost of groceries for a family of four in Nunavut is $19,760.

” In 2012, Nunavut’s trade with the world was valued at 46.2 million dollars according to the Parliament of Canada’s website. Furthermore, Nunavut has a diverse environment across the territory. Nunavut tourism states, “Nunavut experiences five seasons across the territory. Due to its vast size, these seasons can be experienced differently, and each region has its own seasonal calendar. A crucial understanding of what grows and what wildlife is in abundance from month to month has been nurtured for generations and shared among the Inuit. Discover what each season brings to the Auyuittuq National Park region of Nunavut.” Nunavut is the largest territory in Canada.

While Nunavut is a vast territory, their population consists of around 35,000 residents. The residents of Nunavut have to be delivered by ship or plane. This can be tricky when there are winter storms, and groceries in Nunavut are rather expensive. Among the Nunavut residents, the territory consists of mainly Inuit people.

Nunavut has land borders with Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. The Arctic Ocean bounds Nunavut to the north. Nunavut has much history to be discussed. To start, in the 1500’s was the first European contact with Inuit.

In 1942, the United States Air Force selected Iqaluit as the site of major air bases. Later in 1995, Iqaluit was voted as capital. Finally, in 1999 the map of Canada was redrawn in order to create the new territory of Nunavut for the Inuit people. In summation, the United States state of Hawaii and the Canadian Province, Nunavut, are pretty different. With Hawaii having a larger population of over 1.

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